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Article Review: Community Organizing and Development
The primary theme of the article is the ability of ordinary society members to influence their living conditions somehow and fight for their rights. The author emphasizes on the insufficient knowledge of the society in how accurately they can protect themselves and make their life better.

The article states that the primary need of each society member is to make their homes safe for each member of the family and provide a healthy environment. According to the author, community-based development organizations are the ones that to honestly protect their communities and try to build affordable housing, provide jobs and what is so important nowadays to get the required health care. The article calls the readers attention that collective actions people can change the situation when they are mistreated and stop any economic, social or political injustice. As the article makes a stress on the democratic society with its ability to change the course of things, it adds that the community is a robust democratic instrument.

The author puts community organizing as a critical tool to bring at least social changes. So far, specific positive results have been achieved owing to the community organizing process which has provided the reduction of overcrowding in schools, made health care more accessible for ordinary citizens and what is so essential in a country with diverse society – has made the relations between different cultural groups easier.

The author catches the attention of the reader by the message he puts between the lines: “There is nothing the community cannot change. You just have to know how to do it”. The article implies that the best way to learn how to do it through community development, which unites people and creates powerful social connections between communities. To make real democracy work, it is necessary to use the democratic rights and therefore to make the democracy in the country stronger. Society has to put up every single problem it faces and try to solve it through community organizing which makes the problem public and the nation react. The author states that it is owing to this type of social unity people learn the necessary skills and information they need to fight for their rights and not to be afraid that they will lose their jobs and whatsoever.

The article also analyzes the importance of social leaders in the creation of changes through showing ordinary citizens the proper way to make the changes. According to the author of the article, the fundamental priority of any community organizing is the creation of a progressive society. So the role of an organizer is vital to make any changes possible for these people are the ones that will represent the nation at the top rate and start creating a truly democratic society with a “strong sense of a shared community.”
The article in a very professional way analyzes the first social problems people face nowadays and depicts a specific way to solve them. As the American society is a democratic one it has to stop being one only in words but in actions, too. And communities are the first place to start the improvement through creating community-based development organizations and selecting organizers that will deliver the troubles of the society to the government. It will create a robust democratic society which everyone needs so desperately!
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