Political Corruption Essay

It is no secret that political corruption cases have increased dramatically in countries with high rates of economic growth, and the United States is no exception. The most acute problem facing the state is that many Americans believe that a specific type of corruption in the United States is legal. It is legal and carried out by allocating millions of dollars for election campaigns, thereby ensuring the dominance of the interests of wealthy people. This statement can be supported by the argument that several hundred thousand dollars or a couple of millions invested in election campaigns, can bring the candidate a multi-billion dollar revenue, which contributes to the rapid development of political corruption in the United States from year to year.

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Literature Review
It is necessary to study more deeply the concept of political corruption in order to understand how widespread it is in the United States today. According to article Political Corruption by Inge Amundsen, political corruption is the actions of a person holding a public office to unlawfully derive personal or group political benefits (Amundsen 3). It is vital to understand that political corruption extends not only to higher political leaders but also to their assistants and predecessors who occupy political posts. In this article, the author sought to reveal the concept of political corruption on the example of corrupt cases that were observed in different countries of the world. The author examined cases that occurred in Kenya, France, Croatia, and other countries with different economic growth in order to follow the trend of increasing corruption. The main conclusion that the author tried to convey in the context of the article was that the higher the level of the economy in the country, the higher the level of corruption since a large circulation of money attracts politicians primarily because they are the closest to major economic decisions. This conclusion was also described in the article Democracy and Corruption to which the author came studying the history of the United States from the very beginning (Heymann 343). Moreover, the author not only mentioned corruption among officials but also ordinary office workers. The main idea of ​​the author of this article was to show that corruption does not begin with politicians or oligarchs, but with ordinary workers who work all their life in various fields of activity. It was the central theory of the emergence of corruption in the United States as with each year of economic development, people became more successful and more prosperous, which gave rise to corruption in more senior positions. Analyzing the sources mentioned above, one can bring current evidence of political corruption in the US. According to article Enough collusion talk, it’s time to focus on Trump’s corruption, the activities of Donald Trump and his relatives indicate that they all tried to use their high positions and status in society for personal purposes (Paarlberg para 2). Even though Trump’s election campaign brought him a lot of money, he continues to enrich the construction business using his high US presidency. In the context of this article, the author tried to show not only the fact of political corruption of Donald Trump, but also the fact that for a long time the media did not pay attention to it, but only lightened Trump’s political statements and decisions and his relations with presidents of various countries.

Re-construction (case analysis)
After analyzing reliable sources and the current situation in the United States, it is reasonable to assume that political corruption is deeply rooted in the United States, thereby undermining the capabilities of the state. It is worth noting that at the moment, the United States has a rather acute corruption problem, ignoring which can seriously undermine the people’s faith in the next candidate, as well as aggravate petty corruption with bribes in non-senior positions. One should consider other sources that provoke political corruption in the United States. In addition to election campaigns, there are countless ways to enrich influential political figures. For example, organized speeches or lectures by a politician may cost several hundred thousand dollars in just half an hour of a speech. One can also mention the businessmen who bought their high positions in the administration for donations to the election campaign, which is also a direct manifestation of the political corruption that the author spoke about in the article Political corruption. However, if one returns to the current situation with Donald Trump, one can see the manifestation of the use of his high political position in order to solve problems relating to his construction business. Thus, using his high authority, Donald Trump collaborated with the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri to solve problems with his own construction business (Paarlberg para 4). This situation is a confirmation that the President of the United States tried to use his status to achieve personal goals. Despite the fact that both presidents refuted this fact, the construction of Trump in Buenos Aires was quickly resumed that was stated by the Guardian (Paarlberg para 4). After analyzing the current situation, it can be noted that political corruption undermines the state’s possibilities for possible cooperation with other countries and establishing future collaboration.

Based on the current situation in the United States, as well as on the conclusions of the authors of the above articles, it can be noted that political corruption has a slightly negative effect on the development of possible state collaborations with other countries and can slow down economic growth. Political corruption negatively affects all areas of public life. Therefore, the reverse impact of political corruption on the economy is especially dangerous, since it reduces the effectiveness of the state’s economic policy. This argument confirms that such a situation could undermine the confidence of ordinary citizens. Nevertheless, corruption can be prevented by strengthening governance in developing countries such as the United States because the United States of America shows excellent results in terms of economic growth year after year. Strengthening the country’s governance is a rather vital point in the fight against political corruption since people who occupy high positions in politics should first think about the state and citizens rather than their own advantage and business. Thus, politicians who are in managerial positions of the country should have a sense of justice and commitment, which will reduce the level of political corruption.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the phenomenon of political corruption is quite common for residents of the United States. However, this type of corruption has only negative consequences for the state; namely, it undermines the trust of citizens, hampers the economic development of the country, and also contributes to the emergence of new cases of political corruption, even in the highest government positions. Reducing the level and subsequently eradicating political corruption in the United States will be possible only by strengthening the administration of the country. Therefore, politicians who occupy high positions should, first of all, think about the state and about resolving conflict situations in education, medicine and other areas instead of enrichment and the introduction of their own business.

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