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A smoking ban is an internal regulation or legislation concerning tobacco which prohibits its use in a specific place, because of its dangers to the health of non-smokers, passive smokers. It is most often in public places, usually indoors as restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and pubs. However, it also concerns such places as a bus, cab or any other public transport.

The main reason for banned smoking in public places is desire to prevent passive smoking, which annually causes about 80,000 deaths. The smoking ban is also due to allergies, and to the fact that non-smokers in general consider that the smoke smell bad.

Restriction for smoking can also be explained for safety reasons. It is obvious that smoking on board a boat or inside the cars is very dangerous because of the risk of fire. Other reasons to ban smoking may be intention to protect children and adolescent from the propaganda of smoking.

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As we mentioned above banned smoking in public places is in the first place an attempt to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, emphysema and other diseases among non-smoking people. Laws concerning smoking bans were introduced by many countries in various forms over the years, with some legislators citing the scientific evidence that shows that tobacco use is harmful to smokers themselves but also for their families.

A research has proven that on many occasions passive smoking has the same risks as direct smoking, including cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, and lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. Specifically, meta-analyzes shows that non-smokers subjected to passive smoking at home are risking to have lung cancer 20-30% more likely than people living in non-smoking environment.

In addition, burning cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are covered by the terminology “open fire” and are not allowed in explosion-and fire-prone areas. The risk of fire is actual for historic buildings, forests in dry conditions, and operating facilities with combustible or explosive substances, such as gas stations, sawmills, mines, flour mills, etc.). The smoking ban is also usual for museums and archives, where there is a strong necessity in protection of the exhibition and storage of art pieces and documents.

Smoking bans can lead to significant savings in cleaning costs (discarded or left behind butts, but also pollution from the smoke and ash) and repairs (replacing parts of buildings or furnishings); for example, recently introduced smoking bans in subway stations were primarily intended with such savings and not with the non-smokers protection reasons.

The Swiss Association of Public Transport reported one year after the introduction of a smoking ban massive economy in about 1.3 million euros a year thanks to lower cleaning costs.

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