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The Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770 is an episode in the conflict between the British colonies in North America and Britain during the second half of the eighteenth century, culminating in 1775 in the American Revolution and the War of Independence.

In 1767, the Townshend Acts establish a tax on many imported goods in the American colonies. These laws raise the disapproval and resistance of the American colonists. During the summer of 1768, customs officers confiscated a sloop owned by John Hancock, accused of violating trade rules. The crowd stormed the customs, forcing officials to take refuge on a British warship anchored in the harbor. New troops were sent for reinforcements of the Great Britain’s presence in Boston to maintain calm. If London had finally make a step back under the pressure of the boycott of goods and repeal thee laws, the tension remained high, especially in Boston. The radicals grouped in the clandestine organization of the Sons of Liberty continued the struggle against the colonial power and continued assaults on the British soldiers.

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February 22, 1770 in Boston, Ebenezer Richardson was threatened by the crowd: he shoots a rifle and killed a teenager, Christopher Seider. March 5, 1770, on King Street, British troops under the command of Captain Thomas Preston, fired on the crowd. Five people were killed in the “massacre.” The victims include Crispus Attucks, a sailor (James Caldwell), two apprentices named Samuel Maverick and Christopher Monk. The alarm sounded the same evening and soldiers were harassed by Bostonians. Paul Revere produces prints propaganda of the Boston Massacre (“Bloody Massacre King Street”).

Several details do not correspond to reality: there was actually no snow and mulatto had white skin on the document.

The day after the massacre, the royal authorities decided to transfer troops from the city center to the fort of Castle Island, located in the port of Boston, in order to calm the tension. Responsible for the massacre, Captain Thomas Preston and his soldiers were tried and eventually acquitted. It was John Adams who assured their defense at trial. The city newspapers highlight this event and make it a symbol of British tyranny. After the violence, Britain decided to dissolve the assemblies of Massachusetts. This event, known as the British expression Bloody Massacre, remained in American memory as one of the triggers of the Revolution until 1783 it is celebrated as “national” celebration by the Patriots. This event was immortalized by an engraving by Charles Baudelaire. A monument stands on the site of the massacre, it is part of the Freedom Trail.

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