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When Bill Gates was a child, no one imagined the outcome of his life would’ve have been as successful as it is. He was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He had two other siblings, which made him the middle child. His father was a very successful attorney, while his mother was on many boards, and was the head of United Way. While Bill Gates was a child he attended a public elementary school until the age of 12, where he went to the private school, Lakeside. Almost a year later, at the age of 13, Bill Gates designed his first computer program. During his years at the private school he also met, what would turn out to be a lifelong friend, Paul Allen.

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Gates and Allen worked very hard, and while still in high school, designed a scheduling program for the school. Also during high school, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded a company that was called, “Traf-o-Data.” This program, analyzed traffic patterns and data. After leaving high school, Bill Gates, went to Harvard University, where his plan was to study law like his father. While at college, he did not have many hobbies, and a lot of times stayed in and designed computer programs. However, while in college, he decided that being a lawyer was not the right job for him. In December of 1974, Bill Gates saw a cover of a magazine, which showed a picture of a computer on it. However, the computer had one problem; it had no programs. Gates saw this problem, and immediately called up the head of the company, M.I.T.S. ,which later on signed a contract with Gates to do all of the company’s programs for their computers.

Shortly after his contract with M.I.T.S. , Bill Gates moved to New Mexico with his friend Paul Allen. There the two set up a company, which is now known today as Microsoft. However, while they were in New Mexico, the company did not do too well, especially because they only had five clients, all of whom went bankrupt. After the struggle he had in New Mexico, Bill Gates, moved to Seattle, Washington. While he was there, he came up with a program called MS-DOS, which IBM loved and it was a great thing for their computers. MS-DOS, is what we now know of as, Windows, and is used almost on every computer. In 1986, the Microsoft company and its program became available to the public. This made Gates a billionaire by the age of 31. Also by 1993, the Microsoft program was selling 1 million copies a month. Bill Gates had a lot of people that worked at his company, one in particular was Melinda French. In 1994 the couple wed. They moved into a 40,000 square foot house on Lake Washington, and had three children, Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe. With all of the earnings he made, he has done some very charitable things, and has donated to many organizations to help those in need. He set up the Millennium Scholarship Program, which helps minority students go to college. Also he donated $750 million dollars to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations. However, in 1999, the court system said that Microsoft was in violation of a business law, called monopolization. After Gates had got this news, he resigned as CEO of the company. However, in late of 2001, the court system later on appealed their decision, and agreed with Gates that Microsoft was a necessary thing that was used on most computers. Furthermore, in 2001 Forbes magazine named Bill Gates as one of the top American’s who made the most money, earning so far a total of $54 billion dollars.

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