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Why CDMA Technology?

Wireless is now accepted as an alternative local loop technology and its use has increased dramatically by incumbents and new entrants throughout the world. United Telecom Limited(UTL) joins front runner telecos with the launch of wireless in local loop (WLL) technology for basic telecommunications services. WLL-CDMA technology,which is wireless based, is ideally suited for hilly regions of Nepal as well as congested cities like Kathmandu where it is extremely difficult to lay the cables. This technology is widely deployed in a large number of developing as well as developed countries.

WLL involves the final connection between the existing telecom infrastructure and a subscriber’s home or business establishment by deploying any one of the variety of wireless technologies rather than cable.

It has the following features:

  • High speed data capability
  • Rapid deployment/fast installation
  • No incoming call charges
  • Reliable service unaffected by Rain/Strom/Power failures
  • Superior quality WLL system enhances the overall system offering through radio technology’s advanced capabilites.

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Most notably:

  • Its inherent mobility advantages
  • The flexibility of bandwidth on demand
  • Rapid rollout and reduced maintenance cost.

Rapid Deployment / Fast Installation

With the induction of WLL technology, UTL will be able to deliver telephones to local communities within hours rather than every days or weeks or months. There is minimal planning involved in constructing a wireless local loop installation as compared to alternative fixed wired network.

Technical specifications / configuration of UTL Network
• Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology is the state-of-the-art technology offering reliable service with high-speed data capability.
• UTL has procured the equipment, which offers the following features:

– Technology: CDMA 3G 1X(IS-2000)
– Services: Voice, G3 Fax and Data
• This 3G 1X (Third Generation Technology) allows the subscribers to have the instant data transfer/connectivity with high speeds up to 144 kbps.
• This technology enables easier/smooth migration to other higher EVDO/EVDV systems (i.e. data only and /or data with voice systems). In addition, migration to the future 3G systems (CDMA 2000 3X/ IMT-2000/NGN- Next Generation Network), which are likely to be popular in the coming decades, is possible.
• The proposed 3G 1X technology/ system allows easy and smooth Backward Compatibility to the IS-95A and IS-95B. It is, therefore, expected that this technology/state of art equipment will not obsolence for several decades.
• The system offers a wide range of supplementary services and has the capability to support Intelligence Network (IN) services.
• The CDMA WLL equipments installed by UTL fully comply with ITU and other international standards.


The system, in addition to voice and data services, would be capable of providing the following features:
• Wake-up Call/ Reminder Facility
• Abbreviated Dialing
• Call forwarding
• Call Transfer
• Call Waiting (Call Alert)
• Dynamic STD/ ISD facility
• Call Hunting Facility/Mobile Access Hunting
• Voice Mail Service(VMS)
• G3 Fax
• Data Service
• SLA( Selective Line Access)
• Conference Calling
– Three Way Call (TWC)
– Conference Calling (CC)
• CLIP( Calling Line Identification Presentation)

Frequency Allocation

HMGN has allocated the frequency spectrum in the following range for WLL connections:
• Rx: (1850-1860) MHz
• Tx: (1930-1940) MHz
The access links are also wireless based, having frequencies in the range of 7 GHz and 15GHz

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