Brand Management Essay

The MSR Brand
For 40 years, the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) brand has is synonymous to the backcountry-gear cutting-edge engineering. The MSR team’s fusion of passion to mountaineering and engineering has led to creating a range of groundbreaking that have revolutionized the industry of outdoor products. This is why MSR gear for years has been taken from simple hikes to expeditions around the world, with the most demanding situations imaginable, over and over meeting and exceeding expectation of both, rookies and professionals.

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The MSR’s range of products is comprised of the following categories: tents and shelters, stoves, cookware, water treatment and hydration systems, snowshoes and camp towels.

Tents: “Uncompromised quality and performance, built on a foundation of livability”
Key principle behind every MSR tent is its livability. Regardless whether it is incredibly lightweight Fast & Light® tent or a extremely tough Expedition™ tent, MSR builds tents that would truly provide necessary space for accommodation adding thoughtfully designed entrances and vestibules for gear storage. Another attribute of the MSR tent, regardless of the series, is that MSR carefully researches, engineers and evaluate every element, using best technologies and materials available. As the result MSR tents boast optimal space and efficiency with superior quality that delivers the confidence of shelter to its users.

Stoves: “The world’s most trusted camp stoves”
Almost 40 years ago MSR first revolutionized outdoor cooking with its „Model 9” stove, and MSR still leads in this gear. MSR legendary stoves like the WhisperLite Internationale™ and innovative products, like new award-winning Reactor®, proves MSR’s ability to design most functional yet reliable stoves for different needs, be it expedition, hiking or camp.

Cookware: “Cookware engineered with the finest materials for the way you cook and eat”
MSR engineers believe that there is no single best material for backcountry cooking and because of that cookware range is segmented (Expedition , Fast & Light® and Basecamp Cookware), integrating materials and the items suiting best the task at hand and create compact nesting sets with comprehensive cooking and eating utility.

Water Treatment & Hydration: “Comprehensive tools to keep you hydrated anywhere on Earth”
MSR applies the latest technologies and rigorous testing to provide customers with reliable source of hydration anywhere on the Earth. MSR provides the most comprehensive offering of effective and efficient ways to get water in the backcountry, including from high capacity water hauling and purification gear to the revolutionary efficiency of the HyperFlow microfilter systems and ultralight hydration reservoirs.

Snowshoes: “Engineered with the unrivaled traction you need for all of winter”
Snow is too rarely comes in a powder form and only decent traction can help to get through it. MSR engineers applied significant backcountry gear design and materials to create a full range of snowshoes that represent quantum leap in traction technology for snowshoe industry. MSR’s snowshoes combined these extreme traction characteristics with supreme durability, light weight, modular intuitive designs, offering unprecedented performance on any type of snow in any winter conditions.

Camp Towels: “The ultimate in compact and versatile absorbency”
MSR’s PackTowl™ hyper-absorbent camp towels wring out almost absolutely dry and with ease become ready to soak up the next task. At the same time MSR’s camp towels plush face feels great on the skin, still their ultralight weight so that this all that this luxury doesn’t come at the expense of excess weight. The towels range from a backcountry camp dish cloth to a compact office towel for people commuting by bike in the city. In addition this group includes accessories such as portable shower PackShower™ and biodegradable camp soap PackSoap™ needed for mid-trip rejuvenation to keep oneself clean and fresh.
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