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One of the greatest outdoor recreational activities is camping. Millions of Americans enjoy this sport that takes you away from the busyness of life. The camper will camp all year round no matter what the weather holds. Camping is enjoyable with family and friends or just by yourself. As a camper, when he or she decides to go camping a major decision has to be made, are you going to camp in a tent, camper, or motor home. This fundamental question is one that every camper must make. So which is better a tent or motor home? For the purpose of this debate campers will be classified with the motor homes.

The tent in its simplistic design can range from fitting one man, up to twelve men. They now have tents that have special dividers for bedrooms and a special divider for things like your table and food supplies. Tents tend to always be dirty. When the camper goes in and out of the tent throughout the day the floor and bedding become very dirty from all of the dirt outside. When camping and the weather changes from that beautiful sunny day, to a rainy afternoon or evening, all of the campers belongings will become wet and damp. Even if on the campers trip, the weather didn’t change and it stayed a beautiful trip at night the camper’s belongings will become damp. If the camper is smart, then he or she would have remembered to water proof the tent before their trip. This would prevent most of the campers belongings from being wet, unless the belongings were touching the side of the tent. A tent is also not self-contained.

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This means that there is no electricity for a heater for those cold nights, a fridge to keep your food cold and fresh, stove to heat your meals, or an air-conditioner for those hot days. There is also no running water or a bathroom. The camper can deal with this by bringing or hauling water from various places, and by buying a small portable toilet called a porta potty. The porta potty requires chemicals to keep it smelling fresh and clean, toilet paper, water, and most of all an excellent hiding place away from camp.
Now that some of the negative aspects of tent camping have been expressed above, there are some good aspects to tent camping as well. As mentioned above, tents are smaller. If the camper camps alone, this may be the better rout for the camper to take. Tents can go anywhere that a camper might want to go. They can be secured to the back of a bicycle, motorcycle, or even an off-road machine like a four-wheeler or snowmobile. The most common way a camper would choose to go tent camping would be by taking a vehicle like a car or truck. Tents don’t take up much space on the ground or when packed, so, for the space-limited camper this would be a must. When tent camping, it’s not required to take many supplies. It takes less gas to get to where the camper is going, which is another plus. Tents are for the rugged camper.

The motor home on the other hand is larger and more spacious then the tent. An average motor home can fit anywhere from four to six comfortably. Motor homes tend to stay cleaner then tents as well. All of the dirt and mud from outside tend to stay outside because of the built in footstools with plastic grass to wipe your feet on as you step on it. This does not mean that no dirt will enter the motor home. When the weather changes from the hot sunny days, to the cold damp and rainy nights, motor homes stay nice and warm. If the weather stays hot and sunny, then a motor home is equipt with an air-conditioner to keep the camper cool and comfortable. This means, that motor homes are not susceptible to the weather. Motor homes are built in with a generator to create electricity. This enables the camper to have the luxuries of a working stove, heat, air-conditioning, running water, refrigerator, a shower, and most importantly a toilet. Motor homes are also equipt with beds, sinks, electrical plugs for appliances such as tv’s, stereo’s, and house hold appliances, and plenty of storage inside and outside the motor home. Motor homes are for the cushie camper who enjoys the luxuries of home.

Some negative aspects of camping in a motor home are that the camper often has limited access to camping spots. This is because of their size and inability to drive over deep ditches. It takes a significantly larger amount of gas to drive a motor home, and unless the camper is intending on bringing an extra vehicle then he or she would have to take the motor home wherever he or she went. This would be a mistake of the camper not to bring an extra vehicle with them because a motor home has to be level once set up. To level the motor home, the camper would drive up on blocks. The camper must empty and refill their water tank, and also empty their sewage tank. As with the porta potty the camper must bring all of the necessary supplies like chemicals and toilet paper. The toilet and water are run off of the same tank so the camper tends to go through water very quickly, especially, when he or she showers every day. The camper also tends to take items that they don’t need or will never use with them on the trip.

One of the common things that a tenter and motor Homerist have in common is that they both are being one with nature. Which way to camp is better, tent camping or motor home camping? You be the judge.

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