Case Analysis Sample Essay

The fact that male-dominated jobs in San Jose city paid more when compared to those, which were mostly occupied by women, did not necessarily constitute a type of unjust discrimination; instead, it is a reflection of a gender pay gap that is based on qualifications.

The gender pay gap is not related to the theory of equal compensation for equal work. Therefore, it does not necessarily imply that an organization discriminates workers or that females are not offered a comparable salary for similar labor. However, gender wage gaps are influenced by discriminatory factors, such as traditions and stereotypes that determine the selection of career paths and occupation patterns. For instance, many schools often persuade girls and boys to pursue conventionally gendered occupations. Thus, women and men often occupy distinct type of careers with females working in industries where salaries are slightly lower when compared to sectors that male-dominated. As a result, this occupational segregation reduces the lifetime earnings and pension of women and contributes to poverty among females after retirement.

The Hay Associates technique of developing the comparability of jobs was adequate. Job evaluation is a tool utilized by organizations to aid in the process of setting salary structures, which are significant in detecting and preventing wage discrimination. The Hay Associates’ system established an important connection between three significant components of job performance. Collectively, these features embody the role, which includes employees’ duties, responsibilities, skills, and performance, and area of input. This process methodically develops the job structure within a company, and this hierarchy is based on the consideration of work content and responsibilities. The job hierarchy seeks to offer a basis for the creation of a wage structure that matches an employee’s work; thus, it promotes job equity.

There is no adequate ethical justification for enforcing a pay structure in organizations that operate in a free enterprise system; in such a system, the market determines an individual’s real economic value. Furthermore, in today’s world economy, for organizations to attain success, they have to be competitive against other companies in the globe. Therefore, meeting demands, such as fixed minimum wages or salary raise could prompt companies to eliminate low wage jobs. As a result, unemployed individuals who would be willing to work for less pay than the established minimum wage would be denied the opportunity to work, and taxpayers would be compelled to support them. Developing payment using the Hay system in a free enterprise system limits the ability of organizations to remain profitable in the current competitive world economy, as well as deny people the right to employment.

The morally appropriate way of handling salary discrepancies that contribute to the gender wage gap is implementing and reinforcing legislation such as the Paycheck Fairness Act to eliminate the existing gender wage gap. To minimize the gender salary gap, schools should encourage females to focus on salaries linked to college majors and careers, as well as consider the long-term monetary implications of their professional decisions. Females should also search for union jobs and perform surveys to determine average pay for a job position to enable them to negotiate better salaries.

Organizations should enact policies that allow women to be both mothers and employees; for instance, they could offer paid family leave or construct daycare centers. The government should initiate a national campaign to increase the number of women in higher job positions; this may entail employers willingly signing up to attain specific quotas or enforcing a lawfully required quota.

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