Understanding School Codes of Conduct Essay

Raby Research question(s)
Rebecca Raby is analysing the safety standers and rules in the learning institutions based on the Safe School Act of 2000 in Toronto and Niagara schools. Moreover, she is looking forward to exploring how the set code of conducts that are organised and applicable to the school population in terms of self-regulation and acceptable methods stipulated by the codes (Raby 72-73). Secondly, the research work is aimed at examining the rules pinned to student’s rights, responsibilities, gender, class, and race in enhancing discipline among the students and the board in general.

Raby’s method for answering the question(s)
In finding the answer to the research questions, Raby has applied several methodologies to realise her objective. First, she has used the analysis of the background problem. It is evident from the review of Rebecca that the Safe School Act was initiated in 2000 to all public schools to facilitate politeness and responsibility among the students in the learning institution (Raby 74). The background information has helped her to explain the origin of the moral codes, punctuality, and dressing codes, for instance, school uniforms. Secondly, Raby has applied comparison method to facilitate the accuracy of her data. To ensure that valid data is enhanced, she has compared data from public schools, non-Catholic secondary, and Catholic Secondary schools (Raby 75). The method was improved by using the Act of Access to Information.

Key arguments of her thesis
According to Raby, codes of conducts are platforms that are used to bring about school rules and identification of the great thematic analysis. As a result, the laws are applicable in drawing the concept of rights and responsibilities based on the analysis of all kinds of relations, gender, and equity. Consequently, safety standards and codes are geared to protect the rights of all the students. Secondly, democracy is an essential part of the inculcation of self-governance, and teaching discipline in the students. Therefore, the disciplinary actions are crucial within the institutions to enhance personal relationships in the institutions.

The evidence she uses to support her argument
Raby proves the importance of having stipulated codes and conducts beyond the learning but goes up to workplaces. First, the laws help in making the workers in a given working fraternity. The aspect of punctuality is essential in both learning and working environment; thus the system of punctuality leaned from schools will help a student to fit in the job market in terms of time (Sudarsana 310). Secondly, moral values are pivotal to all, the benefits of culture should be imposed to ensure that essential relationships are presented among individuals. The habits are parts of the school codes Raby were examining (Raby 82-83). Therefore, she based her argument on the importance of having the moral values acquired in normalizing the school rules since it enhances self-respect.

Some thoughts you have in response to the argument
Based on the discussions of Raby, I may argue that indeed there is a fundamental requirement of coding in education. The codes of ethics will help to establish a perfect environment to assist the institution in achieving the set objectives. For instance, in several schools, 100% class attendance is mandatory for all students. The code will help them to understand the benefits of attending meetings, workshops, and conferences even after school. Moreover, students will understand the importance of having a teamwork. In precision, having a well-established code of conducts is an achievement a learning institution can instil in students to help them in the school and life after school.

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