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A competent actor must work extremely hard to develop a believable character onstage. There are many methods an actor can develop a realistic character. These methods including the analysis of their character, their personality, emotion and relationships. Other methods are using their body language such as gestures and voice, and by doing a character sketch. A character analysis is very helpful in creating a realistic character. Figuring out a characters personality is a key step in developing a believable character. “To develop an understanding of why a character speaks and behaves in a certain way, you need to figure out what the play tells you about the background of your character.” Meaning to understand your character, you must first know their background. Another part is figuring out the character’s emotions, whether they are boring, clever, cunning, dull and so on. Once an actor has figured this out, it will help them in developing realistic gestures which makes a character believable.

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After figuring out the character emotions, the must figure out their relationship with other characters. How do they feel about certain characters? Why do they feels like that? From that, the actor can use personal experiences, similar to that of their character’s, to help make them realistic.

Similarly, another method is using body language to help make the character realistic. Using your voice is very effective in creating a believable character. For example, suppose you were playing a little girl in a play, you would want to use your voice to show the audience that you were a little girl. You would not talk in a deep, loud voice, instead you would speak in a high, low pitched voice. Also, gestures sometimes help in developing a believable character. Suppose you were a Queen, you would most certain not slouch, eat sloppily and would not fly your hands out like a manic. Instead you would keep your hands near your sides and would act very proper. Lastly, in developing a believable character your would have to develop a character sketch to further understand your character. The actor would write down everything they know about their character and find a person they know who most closely resembles them. They would then try to emulate them in acting out their character.

There have been many movie and play that have had many memorable characters. But, the most memorable of them would be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was a young adult from Kansas who was knocked unconscious during a tornado. She is a determined to get back to Kansas no matter what it takes. She is also very adventurous and courageous. She loves her aunt and uncle very much. If I were to be casted as Dorothy, I would first watch the movie, listen to her speak, watch her move and stand and try to copy her. After that, I would sit down and think about how she would react to characters she met and I would also think about her personality and using my voice to convey certain emotions. Overall, an actor can develop a realistic character by creating a character sketch, using body language and by analyzing their character. If I were to be casted as Dorothy, I would basically try to create a character sketch, analysis my character and use my body language to make her believable.

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