Character Matters Essay

Estimating a person involves not only looking on the way he/she is dressed, person’s color of hair and eyes, height and figure, but it also includes understanding of person’s internal world, his/her features of character. Every person has a unique character due to the presence of different features, constituting a character. Character is something we are born with; however, it is possible to influence its development. Such influence on one’s character is exerted when a child is being brought up by the parents, when a child goes to kindergarten and school, and communicates with other people. Some features of character are innate, inherited from parents, thus, it is very difficult to change them. Other features of character develop when we grow up under the influence of environment and other people, that’s why it is possible to shape them.

However, forming one’s character is a rather painstaking work, which involves a lot of time and effort. Very often a person would want to change something in his/her character, but he/she is unable to do it, because it is necessary to be very strong-willed and brave to do that. But why would anybody want to change character? From the first sight, a person’s character is something very personal, and it doesn’t touch other people. However, this point of view is mistaken. Being very personal a person’s character has a tremendous effect on other people, which can be seen through communication between people. Just think about people who are near by! Aren’t they influence you? They do. For example, if your husband or wife, mother or father is in a bad mood or possesses a bad character, you might also be in a bad mood and their character will influence your.

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Why it happens so and why character matters will be discussed further in the essay. Thus, the main goal of it is to speak about human character and why influences other people.
Does character matter?
Before analyzing if a character matters it is necessary to find out what a character is. A character is an innate set of features peculiar to a certain person, which determine his/her behavior, ethical and moral convictions and actions. Usually a character functions on subconscious level, not allowing a person to understand why he/she acted in this or that way. At the early age it is possible to influence the development of a child’s character, however, it is impossible to change anything about it when a person has already grown up. In its general meaning character has nothing to do with person’s appearance, however, in practice it is not so. There are two possibilities when trying to determine a person’s character. It is possible to be completely right or completely wrong. Seeing the way a person acts will give some ideas of what character he/she possesses. When we see a happy, always smiling person, who is in a good mood, it would give us an idea that a person is kind, probably communicative, possessing a very pleasant character. In contrast, when we see an angry, irritated person or a person, who is in a bad mood, we would probably think that a person is cruel, rude and ill-mannered. However, only communication in private will reveal if we were right or wrong.

Speaking about myself, I have plenty of personal experiences dealing with persons’ characters. Some of them are pleasant and some of them are not so pleasant. Obviously, I’d be happier to speak about good experiences; however, bad experiences are more instructive, so I’ll speak about both. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize the idea that it’s wrong to judge people only according to the way they look. However, it is very hard to see a person for the first time and not think something about him or her. This is how it was with me. My family moved to another town, so I had to change schools, which of course meant meeting a lot of new people. During the first day of school, I met some people, both boys, and girls, and I thought I would make friends with them. How mistaken was I. Since the early childhood I’ve learned that appearances can be deceptive. Thus, I always try to learn what a person is like before getting into a close relationship. So, I met some people, among whom there were some girls, whom I wanted to make friends with. They seemed very nice, friendly and communicative. Indeed, it was only an impression. Those girls were very self-centered and big-headed. Their sweet appearances had nothing to do with the mean characters they possessed. At first, they treated me nicely, as I was a newcomer and needed some help. However, closer communication revealed that this attitude was only for getting closer to me and making fun of me later. I still cannot realize why I didn’t notice it, but the situation was unpleasant. From this, I learned for sure that character did matter because character shows what a person is really like. It is impossible to find out whether a person is kind or mean, easy-going or shy, honest or dishonest just by looking at him/her. When we look at a person, we see an image, behind which a character is hidden. In contrast to my first experience, I would like to share another experience of mine, which was positive. One time I met a young chap, which was good – looking. From my previous experiences, I knew that nice appearance didn’t mean nice personality, so I treated that person with a sort of circumspection. This time I was pleasantly surprised, after finding out that he combined nice personality with nice appearance. Very often attractive people are mean and self-centered, while unattractive ones maybe kind, caring and communicative. However, it takes time to find out what a person is like.
Character matters not only for communication, but it also matters when choosing professions, for example. Certain features of character may make a person choose a profession, which demands resolution, braveness and will, profession, which demands monotonous work or constant work with people, and a person would feel uncomfortable after choosing a job that does not correspond to his/her character.

Another sphere of life, where character matters much, is family life. When choosing a partner to create a family, people often don’t notice certain features of a character of a partner, because they are in love. Family life requires everyday communication; thus it is essential that characters of a husband and a wife are in harmony. Otherwise, both will feel unhappy. Usually, children inherit characters of their parents, thus, at some point of time conflicts may occur in families, because a mother and a daughter or a father and a sun possess similar characters, and none of them would want to yield.

Having spoken about the reasons why character matters it is necessary to make a conclusion. It is impossible to fully understand the internal world of other person; however, it is possible to get to know what a person is like, to understand a person’s character. Being a complex of person’s features, a character plays a major role, which influences and shapes further life of a person and his/her relationship with other people. Character matters while communicating, working or living with a person, because it affects human behavior, mood, emotions and feelings. As it has been stated above, character is an inherited feature of a person; however, it is possible to get rid of some harmful traits of character. A person who is trying hard will definitely succeed, but it is necessary to remember that it’s very hard to act contrary to nature.

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