Business Start Up Essay

Bill desires to start a business that is managed by an automated system to facilitate a convenient operation rather than spending time traveling from one site to another. A highly-synchronized computer system appears to be of exceptional application in this scenario. Hence, there is an urgent need to implement a business that exploits modern technology so that Bill could enjoy high productivity in a technologically revolutionized economy. Identifying the requirements of the new start-up business and resources available to support the new venture is an essential step. Kuratko (2016) support business start-up feasibility studies since they are necessary for identifying resource capabilities and future successes (p.187). This proposal contains hardware, operating systems, other technologies, software training, and cost recommendations. Specific solutions are presented to Bill for consideration to make the new business venture plan feasible from inception. The purchase proposals are in line with Bills’ expected budget to ensure he utilizes the best and economically available technological assets to achieve his business objectives and goals.

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The hardware specification that Bill needs for his start-up business should have such features like portability and reliability. Hence, laptops are the most recommended hardware compared to personal computers (PCs). Besides, these laptops must demonstrate medium to high storage capacities to build reliable databases. Laptops with a RAM (main memory) of between 4 to 8 GB will be sufficient at the start. They should also portray a high compatibility ROM (hard disk drive), which should have a memory disk space of 2 to 4 terabytes that is considered ideal in this case. Also, a laptop with a processor (CPU) with a speed of 2.20 gigahertz (GHz) was found sufficient. Studies conducted before proposing this proposal indicated that hardware with these features would provide adequate memory space to hold information records and catalogue of the new restaurant. Bill will enjoy seamless communication with his suppliers and distributor in the chain supply. Table 1 provided below gives a summary of the minimum hardware requirement for Bill’s proposed restaurant.

Operating System
Bill will be required to select a Windows operating system (OS) to ensure a high level of compatibility with the laptop of hardware and internal specifications proposed above. Carpenter (2011) argued that an OS selected for a computer system should be highly compatible with all hardware in the network. Windows is recommended for Bill’s business since it is user-friendly and easy to manage. These features make Windows a highly-preferred OS for someone with little knowledge and expertise like Bill. The Windows OS proposed for selection include Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1. Any of these versions will help him to interact and interface with the system using advanced menu options and graphics.

Other Technologies
The business case that Bill wants to establish portrays frequent communication with other stakeholders. This is because Bill will entirely operate the business from a centralized location. For example, he would be sending or receiving e-mails containing orders or sending and receiving report files. Hence, the computer system Bill will utilize will require seamless integration with advanced technologies like the network interface cards (NIC) to facilitate Local-Area Network (LAN) connections between the interconnected computers of different restaurants within a specific area. Bill’s business will also need cloud computing to enable the staff access resources available online due to its economic and cost-effectiveness. The company will also need network adapters to facilitate access to wireless internet for communication purposes.

Software and Training
Bill should consider incorporating E-mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook and productivity software MS office 2016. The business will also store data for decision-making processes. Hence, tool like Microsoft (MS) Excel, Word, and Access software packages of word and data processing. The software will aid in maintaining the catalog or data record. The restaurant’s management would also manage the database with the deployment of such software as MS Server 2016 or My SQL. They provide features that could help the database manager to update or insert the records in spreadsheet formats. The responsible personnel, including Bill himself, will need training on certification courses. The best option the restaurant will consider is the online interactive classes for its staff and managers to obtain basic computer literacy. The restaurant’s management and staff may also exploit user manual for a software suite to learn and gain skills on computer operations for the effective running of the business.

The overall cost of the business start-up will originate from independent variables. Hardware, constituting the laptop and the internal motherboard components, will be an immediate source of expenditure. The professional software suite will also be required, and the purchase price will depend on the supplier and the standard market license rate. Expenditure on software packages installed will depend on whether they will be charged or will be accessed from freely-open sources. It is also estimated that MS-word will cost $1,000 yearly. It is recommended that the MS office installed must have premium standard packages to ensure that it does not fail when loaded with considerably manageable information. Table 1 provided below provides an estimated cost of the hardware and its internal components.

Budget Justification
Bill need to consider tools and equipment that are technologically advanced, from reliable and affordable vendors. The technology solution selected must offer a smooth communication process to ensure an efficient running of restaurant activities regardless of their locations. An HP laptop with a speed of 2.20 GHz and above costing $870 would be ideal at the start. However, the number of units is expected to increase as the business expands in the future. Hardware will consume $2,070 while MS Office will cost $1,000 a year. Training will take $850 of the budget while licensing and other regulatory requirements of starting a new business will consume $950. Technical advice and miscellaneous will consume $500 and $800 respectively. Hence, Bill requires a total of $6,170. All these elements are essential to start a new business to avoid the possibility of experiencing lawsuits or inefficiencies from the onset.

Business Proposal Justification
The discussion of the business proposal variables indicates that Bill’s new business venture if an informed decision. Considering the advanced technological infrastructure requirements of centrally managing the business, Bill must consider a reliable solution. However, this does not mean that the selected technological solution must be expensive. Instead, it should have such features as reliability and compatibility with other hardware components in the network. The proposed solutions for consideration are both functional and economical.

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