Classification Essay on Commercials

Nowadays, commercials play increasingly more important role for the products promotion but often they are simply imposed on the audience and affect consciousness of people without their will. Regardless the fact that commercials are widely spread because of the use of mass media potential, they are still may be classified. In fact there may be various classifications but the classification according to commercials’ style and way of impact on the audience is quite noteworthy since it helps to reveal the way commercials impact people.

First of all, it should be said that the first group of commercials includes commercials may be characterized by the profound and involving message which attracts attention of the audience. Basically, such commercials may directly address to people, or may raise problems that are close to the audience and in such a way an individual gets involved in the message of a commercial. For instance, it may be some direct reference to the audience such as “This is for you! Come to us and buy it!” and all the stuff. Or, instead such commercials can make the audience want to buy the product or service advertised because of its prestige, uniqueness, etc.

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Another way to impact the audience is make commercials quite opposite to the previous one which could be briefly characterized as serious and even profound commercials. The second group of commercials is based on the creation of funny stories. In fact, these commercials are based on humorous approach to commercials and the product and services are advertised in the context of some humorous situation which aim is not actually to advertise the product or service but to involve the audience making it interesting. In such a way, this group of commercials may be viewed as a kind of entertainment that produce a significant impact on emotions of people and attract their interests and only when the interest of the audience is caught a product or service is introduced.

Finally, there are commercials which attempt to influence the audience with the help of celebrities that are involved in the creation of the commercial. It means that it may be a famous sportsperson, pop star, even politician, whose name or face are used as a co-brand of the product or service that are advertised. In such a way, people receive the message that could be interpreted as if celebrities involved in commercials guarantee the quality of a product or services. It is quite natural that admires of the celebrities can hardly help from failing to buy the product or service advertised in such commercials.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that there are various type of commercials that influence on different emotions and feelings of people, they can even use different principles of impact from creating a solid brand image, supported by testimony of a celebrity, to attracting the audience by making people smile at commercials they see. Anyway, regardless, the way commercials attract people it is still obvious that all of them have one and the same purpose to involve people, to impact on their consciousness and make the product or service advertised really essential for the audience. In such a way, it is obvious that in actuality commercials are nothing but the means of influencing human consciousness to the extent that they can manipulate human behavior creating stereotypes which gradually become deep-rooted that people cannot rely on their natural interests but are getting succumbed by the interests promoted in commercials by media.


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