Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Cities

Visiting the cities of the United States may turn into a pleasant and rewarding hobby. Each destination brings its own zest into the general taste of modern life – every town and city is different – location, terrain, climate, cultural life – there are numerous aspects to compare. We are going to compare and contrast the two popular destinations – Chicago and Orlando and see in what way they are different and what they have in common. If I had to choose, I would prefer Chicago for its atmosphere and comparatively mild climate. Certainly, tastes differ, so I offer you to make your own choice. One should love everything about the city of residence to feel the joy of living.

The location of Chicago City, historically connecting the Great Lakes watersheds and the Mississippi River, has been determined by the authentic natural beauty of Lake Michigan. The rivers running through the city – the Chicago River, the Calumet River and Des Plaines River, make the water line constitute almost 3% of the city’s total area.

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Chicago’s 227.1 square miles are mostly situated on a naturally flat terrain, with the average land elevation of 579 feet above sea level.

The climate is humid continental climate, with July, typically, the warmest month and January the coldest. Chicago has snowy winters and rainy summers, with short-lived rainfalls. There are four distinctive seasons per year. Chicago’s cultural life spans from musical festivals, theatres, ballets and other entertainment and performing arts to upscale dining and even ethnic restaurants situated in special districts. The city also houses numerous LGBT organizations.

The city of Orlando’s total area of 100.9 square miles is situated 106 above the sea level (on average). Over 7% of the city’s territory is water. The Orlando City’s low elevation and the relative closeness to the Tropic of Cancer determine the humid subtropical climate. There are two major seasons per year (one hot and rainy from May until October, and one cool lasting November till March. In summer there are daily strong afternoon thunderstorms. In winter there mostly is no snowfall in Orlando. The rainy season is from June to September, and the driest months are December through May when there’s a serious hazard of wildfire. Also there is a risk of hurricane in Orlando, although they are usually not strong.

The city’s cultural life experiences great influence of the Latino, African-American and even Vietnamese population – music, restaurants, newspapers etc.

There are numerous cinematic enterprises in Orlando. The theatre life is extremely abundant as well: the UCF Shakespeare Festival and numerous other events attract attention of amateurs and professionals throughout the U.S.

Those enjoying visiting museum may see the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Southeast Museum of Photography, Atlantic Center for the Arts, etc.

There are much more points to compare and take into consideration when choosing a place for vacation or living. To be happy, a person should love the city where he or she spends his lifetime. If I had to choose between Chicago and Orlando in terms of terrain, climate and cultural life, I would prefer Chicago.
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