Empathy Interviewing Technique on Music

The Interview was meant to get the views of the respondent on a certain genre of music. At the start of the interview, it was important to get basic details of the interviewee, including their background, education, and career background, which could aid in explaining why they preferred a specific genre of music over others. Questions asked in the course of the interview were open-ended, which allowed the respondent to provide as much detail as possible about how they perceived the genre.

A key question asked during the interview was why exactly the respondent was intended in the specific music genre and any specific events or factors that influenced them to select it over other genres. The question is meant to get the interviewee to reflect on certain aspects of their past. The interview will also try to analyze how the respondent feels about the pieces that will be included in the interview. After listening to the pieces played, the respondent will be asked to analyze any emotional details included as well as the technical aspects they identified as they listened. The respondent will also be asked to compare the key features of the genre to other genres as a way of distinguishing its key features.

The choice of questions was meant to get the interviewee to provide a detailed explanation of how they felt about the genre and why they view it as being different from other genres. The interview was also meant to capture the reaction of the respondent to the pieces played, which can aid in explaining how they felt about it. The interview therefore critically analyzed how the interviewee felt about the specific music genre being analyzed.