Free Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility was initiated by Oliver Sheldon in 1924. It means that the directors of the company comply to the philanthropy principle, in order to fulfill the company’s social responsibility, by which the company can solve some social problems but it cannot obtain profits itself directly from the actions. The aim of the company’s existence is not only making money but also increasing the social benefits of all the interested parties besides the shareholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility can be divided into various kinds.

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According to the performing forms, there are procedural and material Corporate Social Responsibilities. The former one is based on the decision-making procedure, the company should take social benefits into consideration when it makes plans. While the latter one is based on the fulfillment of the decision; the company is expected to be responsible for the social benefits.

According to the binding rules, there are moral responsibility and legal responsibility. The former one requires that the social behaviors of the company should follow the moral rules, which may prevent the company from gaining its max profit, those who are willing to do so can carry on such responsibility. Legal responsibility can be enforced by laws. This two kinds of responsibility rely on each other.

According to the results of the behaviors of the company, there are sacrifice-profit responsibility and promote-profit responsibility.

According to the purpose of the company, there is altruism responsibility and instrumentalism responsibility. In fact, it is very difficult to tell whether the real purpose of the company is for commonweal or not. but no matter which attitude is the company in, it should be praised and appreciated if it has done anything useful to improve the social benefit.

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