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Japanese culture is heavily influenced by their style of cartoons, Anime (which is derived from a French word), which is also also known as Japanimation. Anime is simply cartoons which have Japanese origin. Popular examples of this are Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Thundercats. Anime in Japan is made for all types of audiences including children, adolescents, and adults. There are categories of anime and manga (Japanese comic) for girls, boys, young girls, young boys, adolescent boys, adolescent girls, conservative adults, non-conservative adults and so on. The subjects of anime range from history (past and future), to fantasy, dramatic, science fiction, popular culture, cyber-reality, cyber-punk, adult, action, romance, political, and more. Anime comes in many different forms, such as manga, t.v shows, movies and more. When many people hear the word anime they think of bloody, gory, fighting scenes, when if fact anime is so much more. As stated above, anime has many genres to suit the likes of audiences of all ages. They have funny shows like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z for the younger audience, shows like Dragon Ball Z and Fushigi Yuugi for the teenagers, and shows like Perfect Blue and Venus 5 for the adults (or perverts).

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Anime effects the way people in Japan act, how they see the world, political aspects, and deals with much more, and my paper tells of the influence anime has in Japan. My paper is original in that no one else has written it. My method of investigation was to go on, type in various subjects pertaining to anime, and researched it.

Pokemon are a unique group of creatures that were invented by a company called Game Freak in Japan. Pokemon (original name in Japanese – Poketto Monstaa) are based on the creators’ childhood fascination with collecting insects – Pokemon themselves are evolved cross-hybrids of different animals, such as the mouse-like Pikachu or the bear-like Cubone. Pokemon are unique in the fact that some of them evolve into other Pokemon. Based on a popular series of video games, Pokemon players (known as trainers) battle their stored Pokemon against Pokemon they encounter. The winner of a match is a trainer whose Pokemon cause opposing Pokemon to either faint or flee. You can also catch these Pokemon and keep them for your own. Another aspect of the Pokemon games that is so appealing is the amount of interaction between characters and other players. In order to progress through the game and find all of the Pokemon, you have to speak with other non-playable characters in the Pokemon worlds, challenge other trainers, and even exchange Pokemon with friends via a link cable.
The Pokemon universe is more than just the games. There’s a popular television show that remains in the top spot on the KidsWB network, a series of successful movies (the first, Pokemon: The First Movie, had an opening weekend take of $31.04 million, beating the Titanic’s opening of $28.64 million), and a trading card game distributed and sold by Wizards of the Coast that are central to Pokemon’s success. It has become a global enterprise with its own retail store, website, and even a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
A brief history must include the core characters of the animated series. Ash Ketchum, an affable, ageless ten-year old, is on a quest to win the Pokemon regional championships and become a Pokemon master. He starts his adventure with Pikachu, a Pokemon given to him by his mentor, Professor Oak. Pikachu has certain “electrifying” characteristics, mainly his special abilities Thundershock and Thunderbolt.

Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi was introduced to the public in 1992 and ran until 1996 in a bi-weekly Shoujo Komikku (Girl?s comic) in Japan. This story contained 106 chapters and took four years to complete. Much of the story evolved around Miaka Yuuki and her friend Yui Hongo. The story focuses around a strange Chinese book called “The Universe of the Four Gods” which Miaka and Yui found in a library. As they began reading, they were transported into the story itself. The book itself was an incarnation. It seemed that once the pages were turned the story would become true and begin. In this story one girl was to gather together the Seishi of Suzaku (guardian of Suzaku) inorder to obtain an omnipotent power, which could make any wish, come true. However it was to only occur if the main character made it to the end of the book. This caused Miaka to become the main character of the story.

In the story, Miaka becomes the priestess of Suzaku and is in charge of gathering all seven Seishi inorder to save the kingdom of Konan. However, Miaka faces many challenges such as facing her inner self, experiencing love and friendship, and even betrayal. Throughout the story, Miaka falls in love with Tamahome, who is a Seishi, and together with the other guardians, Hotohori, Nuriko, Chichiri, Tasuki, Mitsukake, and Chiriko go through many trials of pain, grief, disappointment, happiness, success, and loss. Later in the story, Yui is transported back into the book and becomes the priestess of Seiryuu and becomes Miaka?s enemy. Through the plot and story line of Fushigi Yuugi this had allowed many readers to become engrossed into this well written drama.

Japanese Culture
· For those individuals who have found “true love,” it is believed that they are connected by a string. This string enables them to know when the other is in trouble, and to even hear their voices. This pops up in anime quite often.
· Nosebleeds occur in male anime characters after they have seen something they find arousing.
· The sweatdrop is a stylized image used in anime to denote incredulity at something which just occured.
· Superdeform is a style of caricature in which a normal anime character is shrunk in an out of proportion manner for comedic effect.

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