Critical Essay on Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

Emily Dickinson is the famous US poetess of the 19th century who received her popularity and fame only after her death. Emily Dickinson published no more than ten poems during her lifetime and other 1800 poems remained in handwriting and were discovered only after the poetess’s death. The full version of her uncensored poems appeared only in 1955. Even her ten poems which were published at that time were censored seriously and she had to make them fit to the norms and standards of the current time. Dickinson’s poetry does not have the contemporary analogues and she could be called the innovator of her time. Her lines are short, the poems did not have titles and the punctuation was weird. Moreover, she practised unconventional capitalization in her lines.

The majority of her poems contain motives of death and immortality and her letters to friends are also full of these motives.

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Alongside with transcendental motives, the poetess uses irony and humour in her poetry what makes her a multilateral personality. Of course, Dickinson devoted many poems to the topic of religion writing about Jesus Christ and his love to the humanity. It does not worth mentioning that the rich literal legacy attracted attention of the feminist movement towards the poetess. Nowadays Emily Dickinson is treated like one of the most influential poets in the US literature, due to the depth of her thoughts, creativity and innovations introduced in her poems. The name of Dickinson is closely connected with music, because her texts (the length of lines and the rhymes) can be easily transformed into songs.

Emily Dickinson’s poetry is supposed to be the classics of the US literature, so the student is obliged to learn about her heritage and get to know about the symbols, importance, variety and stylistic originality of her poems. The student can dwell on the lifestyle of the poetess, her beliefs and the motives in her literature. It is wise to pay attention to the originality of the structure and content of Dickinson’s poetry in order to understand the importance of her ideas for the development of the US literature. The student is expected to analyze at least several poems scrupulously in order to find the symbols and motives there and analyze the stylistic devices used there.

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Custom Critical Essay on Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

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