Cryptogenic Stroke Essay

While scientists still try to identify the causes of the Cryptogenic Stroke, it still significant to regard the technological achievements which can help to treat it. Cone Health is ready to present an advanced method of the multi-disciplinary approach to the Cryptogenic Stroke treatment on the webinar Real World Success in Multi-Disciplinary Care of Cryptogenic Stroke Patients which is sponsored by Medtronic Market Development. Dr. Allred, S. Bibby and Dr Selthi, who are researchers and consultants within the Medtronic, provide the discussion on the issue.

To begin with, while the science has not been able to find the reason of the 20% of the ischemic strokes yet, neurology has to estimate the term of diagnosis and its potential changes in future. Neurology also has to identify weather the patient suffers from Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source or Cryptogenic Stroke (MedtronicCardiac, 2018). Neurology can foresee the usage of the Implantable Loop Recorder too. The next step requires electrophysiology which has to analyze the risks of the implementation and to estimate whether the patient is ready for monitoring. To observe of the health of the patients, the specialists should stick to Cryptogenic Stroke Protocol.

Moreover, to proceed with the monitoring appropriately, the clinical staff has to be able to educate the patients about the method. For example, the specialists have to explain the cardiac monitoring plan as well as Reveal LINQ ICM (MedtronicCardiac, 2018). The therapy at the hospital includes scheduling of the patient’s holidays and the reference to Magnetic Resonance Imaging compatibility protocol. As for the reimbursement procedure, Cone Health still has to develop a more sustainable plan.

In conclusion, the program refers to various devices which can support the work neurologists while assisting the patients with the Cryptogenic Stroke. It is essential to follow the Cryptogenic Stroke protocol to provide the patients with complete analyses of their state and its ability to comprehend the therapy. Cone Health emphasizes the meaning of nursing care and educating patients too.

MedtronicCardiac. (2018, January 5). Webinar: Real World Success in Multi-Disciplinary Care of Cryptogenic Stroke Patients. Retrieved November 18, 2018, from

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