Dementia Essay Example

Dementia patients present nurses with a number of challenges that they must overcome in order to improve their health. I worked in the home of a woman suffering from dementia, and I acquired invaluable knowledge about taking care of them without restricting their movement around the house. First, nurses should prioritize the safety of the patient over other treatment measures. Second, they should use technology to keep track of the activities of dementia patients. Finally, caregivers should engage the people in their care in conversations to encourage them to share their concerns about the disease.

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Although nurses value the safety of their dementia patients, they must also consider their desire to lead happy and independent lives. Dementia patients cannot recall basic facts such as dates, names of loved ones, locations, and time. In that light, they try to create an environment in which they feel comfortable enough to explore their surroundings. Nurses should ensure that they do not change these environments to avoid confusing and disorienting these individuals. I learned that I would need to arrange furniture in the house of dementia patients in a consistent manner.

Additionally, I learned that caregivers can meet their goals through the use of the Google calendar. Because nurses coordinate a network of care for their patients, they may fail to administer medication as prescribed by a doctor. In order to overcome such challenges, nurses need to install the Google calendar app to receive automated reminders. By using the application, they can keep track of medication schedules and improve the health of patients.

Nurses must encourage their patients to initiate conversations during the discussion of their healthcare plan. I used short sentences and spoke slowly to ensure that my patient understood my point of view. Additionally, I maintained eye contact so that they understood that I cared about their wellbeing as individuals. By communicating with them daily, I proved to them that they could share with me their fears about the condition.

I have acquired invaluable techniques that will come in handy in my career as a nurse. I have learned the best ways of managing the health care plans of dementia patients. By communicating with them, applying technology, and involving them when arranging furniture, I managed to help them live independently. I would apply similar techniques in the future when I encounter people suffering from the disease.

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