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Culture and individual beliefs are capable of affecting the principle and reasoning in every ‘area’ of thinking. In view of the fact that all cultures are diverse, there are some which are more likely to commit particular fallacies than others. A person’s culture is based upon numerous aspects such as race, history, geography, religion, and language. All of these things play a different part in cultures, and affect reasoning in a variety of ways and areas.

Culture, is a very persuasive and potent factor in the ways of our individual beliefs, and thoroughly plays an impact on our society today, also dating back hundreds of years ago. It is what makes our society, creating a basis for our beliefs, and influencing our logical thinking, therefore playing a very influential and immense role on the conclusions we reach as an individual. There are several various diverse cultures all around the world, and all are influenced by various examples, in their society. For instance, religion, physical environment, inspirational people (activists, presidents, humanitarians..), scientific affairs, and other numerous aspects in culture, which can dominantly inspire and manipulate the way we think, and why we think that way.

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Culture in ancient times, was defined as “the sum total of the equipment of the human individual, which enables him to be attuned to his immediate environment on the historical past on the other”. This means that culture reflects on the foundation of what humans have added to nature, otherwise meaning humans are what make up culture and society today. Culture consists of the intellectual, emotional features, and spiritual material of society today, and in addition, includes the value systems, traditions and modes of life and beliefs in society today. Furthermore, it also undergoes changes with time, absorbing from other different cultures, which sometimes could have a positive effect and other times negative. Today, there is a rapidly growing body of knowledge which in some causes “physical infections” to our culture, and the “poisoning” of peoples minds. A good example of this case is the habit of smoking, and how it is negatively infecting our culture, by mentally influencing the people to smoke. Consequently causing the “poisoning” of countless peoples minds, by making them believe in this habit, and this of coarse leads to deadly effects, which kills thousands of people each year. Although some of the knowledge has harmed the sphere of culture, there is knowledge that has been beneficial to culture, and given a “helping hand” to many diverse societies today.

Culture and individual beliefs depending of the culture affect different areas of logic differently. For example, a person from the Bahamas reasoning in fishing would differ from a person which is living in Alaska. The different aspects of culture have a diverse ‘degree’ of effect on reasoning all depending on what factor influenced the culture more convincingly in development. A good example of this is, in Africa the religion rituals and the geography are very influential, while in Europe primarily history played a large part in developing the existing cultures. So as you can see, this is an example of two very different countries, separated by two very different cultural influences, therefore differentiating the beliefs and set of minds of the peoples residing in both nations. It is difficult to say if the effect of culture and individual beliefs on logic is negative or positive, although these effects on reasoning are a major cause to the misunderstandings in the world today. Furthermore, the world would be a plain place without the present diverse cultures. It is only when acceptance and tolerance become a part of our individual beliefs that it may be possible for culture and beliefs to not negatively affect conclusions reached.

In culture, there are many sides, which and all of them influence what is personally known and the way one makes decisions. And these sides or aspects are predominantly background (history), religion, individual beliefs, language, geography, and even race. The aspect of culture which are individual beliefs, are defined as being convictions and opinions. These two things are usually based on the other aspects of culture mentioned. For example a person who is a Muslim would most likely have different beliefs about the roles of women in society than someone who is Christian. In this example, the individual belief is a type code concerning women which was based by the development of the particular religions. Even though religion plays a very strong impact in our society today, beliefs are also cultivated trough family, education, peers, and in many cases can be developed depending on the area and time period that a person lives in. For example, since a person is living during the time period of Great Depression, that person would therefore firmly believe in saving money and working hard.

Now shifting toward back in history, to the early 1900’s, here is a good example of how culture and individual believes, can largely impact the conclusions we reach, and affect our logical thinking. When the perverse political genius Adolf Hitler, came into power (title of fuhrer) in 1935 in Germany, he vowed to get rid of all the Jewish people, who resided in Germany, and else where if possible (Austria), because he blamed the Jewish for Germany’s loss in a war. So he brain washed the minds of millions of people, including the massive amount of soldiers involved in the war, to hate the people of Jewish decent. So as you can see, how the evolving culture in that era in Germany, along with the individual beliefs of Hitler and the German people, affected their logical thinking and foremost influenced their conclusions that they resulted upon. They altogether first of all, were influenced to hate the Jews by their culture, and how it was interacting on this situation, and this lead to their hateful individual beliefs of the many German people against the hundreds of Jews. Moreover making them think irrationally, logically speaking about the Jewish people. So the great effect, of all their logical thinking, made them come to the conclusion, that all the Jewish people were bad and did not deserve to live. Therefore helping in the initiation of the holocaust, where thousands of Jewish peoples’ in Germany, Austria and other countries, were immorally slaughtered and tragically beaten, simply because of their individual beliefs and influences in culture, which led them to conclude to such things.

Now to sum up the point of which “culture and individual beliefs play a role in logical thinking, and the conclusions we reach”: there is a large assortment of different cultures all around the world, and all are influenced by the aspects of their culture, therefore having an influence on their believes, logical thinking, and the conclusions they reach from this. All the examples mentioned previously are true cases, which can explain the authenticity of this statement, and provide you a good explanation of the meaning of this verified testament. It is an obvious fact that cultural and individual beliefs can influence the minds of people in the ways of their logical thinking, furthermore the conclusions they reach, by the several different miscellaneous aspects of the cultures today, and also dating back to the past.

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