Curriculum Alignment Essay

Having looked at the provided curriculum evaluation copy, one can observe that it is divided into four main parts, which in turn are subdivided into more categories aimed to better assess the curriculum. The following essay will comment on these different areas and point out their utility and appropriateness.

Design involves the overall layout of the course that the curriculum covers. It assures that the material is included or not included depending on the level.

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  • a. Content is accurate is necessary to assure the accurate and organized representation of information.
  • b. Content is logical and defined means it is well-organized.
  • c. Objectives defined is necessary for setting smart goals for the course.
  • d. Content helps to achieve objectives is necessary to tie content to performance and objectives.
  • e. Examples are meaningful and helpful is necessary for broadening the students’ horizons with examples.
  • f. Questions presented is necessary for provoking student’s thoughts.
  • g. Important points are emphasized necessary for helping students memorize important elements.
  • h. Amount of information is comfortable is necessary for better learning.
  • i. The material is free from bias is necessary for effective learning, freedom of learning and objectivity of thought.
  • j. Media elements represent the composition of career fields regarding gender and race is necessary for to show people the social structure.
  • k. Information is complete and accurate is necessary for objective learning.
  • l. Facts come from reliable sources which are quoted is necessary for unbiased learning and thinking.
  • m. Content moves learners beyond the basics and encourages higher levels of thinking
  • n. Students are engaged in applying what they learn is necessary for practical skill development.
  • o. The layout is consistent is necessary for clear learning.
  • p. Content is culturally diverse is necessary for broadening cultural horizons and improving tolerance.
  • q. Product accommodates unique learning styles, and various ability levels are necessary for allowing different students to learn evenly effectively.
  • r. Assessment methods are challenging, appropriate, and suited to learning goals is necessary for achieving great results.
  • s. Teachers can easily assess students’ progress by evaluating the outcomes provided within the product is necessary for quick feedback and assessment.
  • t. Reading level is appropriate for the target audience is necessary for challenging students the right way.
  • u. The product is suitable for the age and grade level is necessary for challenging students the right way.

2. Procedures represent the way material is presented, and the knowledge is demonstrated or created. Procedures need to be conducive to studying and thought-provoking.

  • a. The number of interactions in each lesson makes learning easier is necessary for allowing every student to learn well.
  • b. Always requires learners to become actively engaged in learning is necessary for improving the learning skills and approaches of students.
  • c. Keenly motivates the learner to continue learning and master concepts are necessary for an effective desire of students to study and learn new things.
  • d. Directions are clear and complete enough for students to perform required tasks is necessary for helping them to grasp new learning skills.

3. Clarity represents the ability of students to understand the material presented by the professor. The lesson has to be clear to be good.

  • a. The text is clear and easy to read is necessary for effective memorization of it.
  • b. The text is easy to understand is necessary for improving the student’s vocabulary.
  • c. Course lessons are attractive to look at is necessary for building motivation to study.
  • d. Graphics make lessons easier to learn is necessary for better memorization as 1 picture is worth 1000 words.
  • e. The layout is clear and intuitive; learners can always find what they need is necessary for promoting independent learning.
  • f. It is easy to navigate through the content to find necessary features is necessary for self-learning and development.
  • g. Paragraphs and sections have clear and accurate information is necessary for promoting student’s learning.
  • h. Clear and clean fonts are used consistently is necessary for student’s ability to approach learning consistently.

3. Efficiency involves the amount of time, resources and effort a professor and students spend on a certain class to learn something or create some knowledge. The course has to be as efficient as possible.

  • a. There isn’t any unnecessary information included in the lessons is necessary for spending the scarce resource only on the needed things that promote learning.
  • b. There are sufficient numbers of examples and practice items included in the lessons. It is necessary for practically approaching knowledge and allowing students to prepare well for future jobs.
  • c. The lessons help students learn the material is necessary for the student, the teacher and the community which pays for these lessons.
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