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Customer care is the care, service and attention that a company shows to their customers. Customer service has become extremely important in BT because they believe over the last decade organisations that rely on a standard of service, which encourages their customers to come back is of the up-most importance. In an extremely competitive marketplace especially now with Internet businesses customers have more than enough choice usually. An excellent degree of customer service may be the only aspect of a company, which differentiates them from a competitor. Customer service involves looking at the organisation from the customer’s point of view and most systems and practices in the firm are customer driven. BT now are a customer centric company, which means everything they do in their service is geared towards the customer. BT have a separate customer service department which deal specifically with helping and dealing with customer complaints or queries. Slogans like customer is king, customer is always right and customer comes first is customer care at its extreme. However the essence of customer care is that if the service, assistance and attention shown to the customer are second to none then that company will have the upper hand in competing in business.

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BT’s External Customers
British Telecom in the United Kingdom serves twenty-one million customers with more than twenty-eight million exchange lines. These telephone lines are used by businesses, consumers and used by other service providers. Businesses and other telecommunications companies use approximately eight million of these lines; the remainder are residential customers mostly as their telephone lines in their homes. BT has one of the largest commercial customer bases in the UK. Basically BT’s main customers are anyone who wants to communicate through a wide range of communication options. Whether it being residential (i.e. friends at home) or business (i.e. ranging from a secretary, to call centres, to businesses online). BT has a wide range of customers however essentially as nowadays the majority of the population will have use of a telephone BT’s customers are possibly everyone

Customer service will be extremely important to BT’s customers, as communication has become so important in today’s world. Many people now believe that their phone is a necessity. Residential customers will expect the same level of service as businesses. Many businesses would completely come to a stand still if their communications were down for example call centres, Internet services, offices. Mostly all modern businesses would certainly be badly affected without communication exchange lines. This contributes to BT’s customers relying on them for an excellent, unparalleled degree of service. If their company’s communications were severed they would be already unsatisfied with the service and expect it rectified immediately. As there is also competition in the market such as NTLCable BT must ensure that their service is without fault or some customers may change providers.

BT Internal customers
BT believes that their employees are critical to their success .BT have stated that research shows that the way a company treats its employees influences customer decision making. They believe a reputation as good employers will help them win and retain customers. BT aim to attract, recruit, develop and motivate the best people. In BT improving the quality of service to external customers starts with the quality of service that employees of the company give each other. For example in BT, team managers and office workers may not interact with customers, however BT believe their customers are the BT engineers who work with the external customers (i.e. the public). If the team leaders and office staff give their fellow employees an excellent quality of service the benefits of excellent customer service will then be passed to the external customer (the public).

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