Descriptive Portrait of the Middle East and South Asia

Descriptive Portrait Essay Example

Different regions are identified by their unique cultures. People’s daily experiences and lives in a region form the most remarkable cultural description of a country. In most cases, people relate with a country or region depending on the peculiarity of traditions, religion, and daily activities practiced in a place. As such, the Middle East and South Asia are two regions defined by unique cultures. These two regions are known for their peculiar religious practices, family relationships, traditions, and languages. As the Middle East remains an Islamic region whose cultures and traditions are dictated by the Islamic faith, South Asia is more culturally diverse, as much of western cultures is evident in the traditions of South Asians.

The Middle East has remained a region of Islam due to the prevalence of Islam-dictated practices and cultures. Today, countries that form the Middle East have consistently insisted on practices and traditions approved by Islamism. For instance, more than eighty percent of people are Muslims, with other religions taking a small percentage. Thirdly, people in the Middle East have maintained strong family structures and cultures. The family unit is highly valued as fundamental to the survival of social values. For instance, most people like extended families, where all members live together. Similarly, the naming of children follows an established system of relating a son to his father. However, the influence of western culture is becoming pronounced every day. More youths and women are studying up to tertiary institutions. Besides, while most men still dress Kanzus, few are adopting three-piece suit, a tradition from the UK. Lastly, occasional religion-based conflicts characterize the region. The Middle East has retained religion-based traditions, with a slight influence by western cultures, more so in dressing and education.

South Asia has become increasingly diverse in cultures, religion, and social attitudes, mainly due to the increasing western culture in the region. For instance, people in South Asia embrace caste, a hierarchical division of people based on their economic class, which is primarily a western culture. However, some countries in this region have been receptive to western culture more than others. For instance, people in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan embrace more liberal social attitudes due to the increasing globalization in the said countries. Islamism and Buddhism are two religions that prevail to an almost equal extent in South Asia. India and Sri Lanka are more into Buddhism. Similarly, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are by far and large and Islamic nations. Lastly, western cultures in daily lives are becoming more prevalent in the Southern Region, especially in dressing and youths’ lifestyles. Indians are becoming more aware and sensitive to their political freedom. South Asia is a more diverse region than it was a few decades ago.

The Middle East and South Asia have unique cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Each of the regions is characterized by prevalent religions. The Middle East is largely an Islamic region, with over seventy-percent of its people being Muslims. Also, individuals in the same region observe Islamism-dictated traditions. Dressing for both genders is prescribed by religion. However, western cultures are slowly getting into the same region. South Asia is more diverse in terms of cultures, traditions, and religion. Liberal social attitudes and pursuit for personal freedom are distinctive western social cultures finding their way into South Asia.
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