Proposal: On-Campus Child Care Services

1. Identifying the problem
In this modern age, education is a key determining factor and an indication of how one’s life will be. It is no surprise that many students seek to pursue higher education for better job placement and higher income. Among such students are single parents who work the whole day or part time so they can attend school and get an education (Mendez, 26.). Having a family to look after and being the bread winner of said family, these individuals’ only way to elevate their family out of poverty is getting higher education and higher wages as a result. This proposal is to help post-secondary education parents with low-income by providing a on campus-based child care service which will be through an app for students who would also like to baby sit and make extra income.

2. Approach
The solution to this particular problem will be resolved through the development of high impact community engagement strategies and to partner with other schools and community organizations to leverage common resources to provide not only child care services but a complete wrap around service for public benefit. These include proposing financial aid to help cover the cost of text books for these women, additional mental health services according to their circumstances, covering transportation cost where necessary, tutoring peer support groups and faculty mentoring in addition to the app to help these students complete their education. This app will be available for students and teachers only. The application can gain profits through advertisement. Given the sensitivity of this problem, extra care is to be taken by the schools committee and any other participant in this program. Candidates who wish to baby sit will have to pick a time slot for when they will be available and five people will be present at all times for the protection of the children. The participants will also have to pass a test to ensure they are capable of handling the children.

3. Market overview
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that there are 1.2 million single mothers who are trying to finish college. Most of these are women of color (Gault et al, 175). They face so many challenges. As a result, only 8% finish and earn their degree in six years or more. Services such as child care can go a long way in helping more of them graduate tripling the rate of success.

4. Interview and Opportunity identifying
This initiative is to help single mothers finish their education. In order to understand and identify what the opportunity is, it is best to talk to the mothers who are having a hard time and learn how to navigate through and solve this problem. Another group of people to interview are educational institutions who have an interest in helping their students finish their courses. With the additional services, some schools will be willing to help in any way they can. This solves the problem and helps single mom students to further their education and enjoy the experience aswell.
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Mendez, Julia L. “How can parents get involved in preschool? Barriers and engagement in education by ethnic minority parents of children attending Head Start.” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 16.1 (2010): 26.

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