Diary Entry Essay Sample

My Boss Makes the Devil Ask, “Why Can’t You Be More Like Him?” 20th September
I have just finished watching “Horrible Bosses” for the seventh time. Over the last few months, this has become my go-to movie. It is not my favorite movie, and I firmly believe that Jason Bateman is too good for it. However, in spite of my beliefs, I keep watching it for I feel that the frustrations of the characters and the title echo my own emotions. As in the movie, I too have a boss that Satan would urge his minions to emulate, and from whose grasps, I cannot escape in the foreseeable future.

Similar to most people born after 1980, my choices regarding what I can do for the rest of my life are limited. I can accomplish some of the tasks that come with adulthood such as paying my student loans. I can even afford a house, as long as it is a dollhouse; it is far from the bustle of the city, or it groans and sways on calm days.

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Due to the limitations of my financial freedom, I have made my peace with a certain level of evilness in my bosses. For instance, I worked for two years for a boss whose leadership style involved shouting at the staff for not completing the tasks that he had explicitly asked them to perform. It is important to note that employees were often unaware of these instructions, as Mr. X seemed to believe in the efficacy of telepathic communication. However, Mr. X’s lack of consideration pales in comparison with the apathy and close-mindedness that define my current boss, Mr. Z.

Cesare Lombroso’s Research 2.0 21st September
Mr. Z spent most of the morning smiling enigmatically. Well, the smile was less enigmatic and more predatory in an “I am going to fire someone” kind of way. A client sent in an email complaining about the standard of services late last night, and like any “good” employer and business owner, Mr. Z was going to resolve the matter. But since Mr. Z observes the tenets of the school of Steve Jobs and not Sundar Pichai, his approach entailed not reading the entire email and shouting at me. The details of the email indicated that the client was satisfied with the service I provided and she asked whether it would be possible to follow-up on her matter via email. The communication demonstrates that Mr. Z’s was clearly in the wrong. However, after he was done berating me, he reiterated the threat communicated by his smile and stated that if I “don’t shape up” he was going to fire me.

Since, as much as I would love to I cannot scream, “I AM RIGHT, JUST READ THE EMAIL,” I will have to content myself with discerning the components that define terrible bosses. X and Z do share a broad array of similarities. For example, their stature echoes that of grandfatherly villains that every cartoonist gravitates to. Their physical features also urge one to rethink Lombroso’s criminal physical attributes.

Is it Time to Come Up With a Nefarious Plan? 22nd September
I keep obsessing over my reinvention of Lombroso’s theory. It is Saturday, and I am on my way to the office. The fact that my contract indicates that I work from 9-5 on weekdays, reinforces my view that Mr. Z is destined to make his workers miserable. Mr. Z believes that all workers, in his words, “must give 110%.” So, sacrificing my Saturday, for no extra pay is my 110%. I am going to rewatch “Horrible Bosses” tonight; I might get an epiphany on how to cope with the situation without royally messing up my finances.

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