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What are patient quality measures? How do patient quality measures demonstrate impact? Give at least one example.
The patient quality measures can be described as tools used to measure healthcare providers’ performance towards delivering healthcare services. They are standards that quantify healthcare processes and systems as well as patients’ perceptions and health outcomes. They provide adequate information on how a healthcare facility or system is performing. They identify key strengths and weaknesses in healthcare processes and systems to help decision-makers work towards change management and continuous improvement. Patient quality measures are crucial because they prioritize patient safety by ensuring services delivered are patient-centered. The chief goals of quality measurement are to identify opportunities for improving patient care, benchmark, and accountability. Quality measures prove to be impactful because they improve patient safety, healthcare processes, care coordination, clinical outcomes, and efficient use of scarce resources. Besides, they eradicate health disparities to ensure patients are treated with fairness.

A good example of a patient quality measure is patient satisfaction. Like customer satisfaction in business, patient satisfaction is a vital tool indicator often used to measure the quality of health services. That is because it affects patient retention, clinical outcomes, and claims related to medical malpractices. For a patient to be satisfied, services should be provided in a timely and efficient manner. As a quality measure, patient satisfaction provides information on whether the service provider meets patients’ needs and expectations. If patients are satisfied, the healthcare provider has superior compliance, better diagnosis, and prognosis and utilizes resources efficiently to deliver patient-centered care.

Describe how Advance Practice Registered Nurse care improves the quality, safety, and cost of health care. Give at least one example.
One of the core functions and essential services for public health is to ensure health workers are competent enough to deliver health services to the public. This is done by developing health policies and initiatives seeking to guide and direct the practitioners in their clinical practice and delivery of optimum care. Over the years, reforms and initiatives have been created to improve health workers’ performance efficacy and responsibilities (Nash et al., 2015). The government has developed several policies and initiatives to guide APRNs in their work. They include the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, licensure, education and certification, affordable care act, and patient protection policies. The IOM report sought to lead in changing the scope of nursing by examining the effectiveness of the nursing workforce (Altman, Butler, & Shern, 2016). As a health initiative, the report contains several recommendations centered on key issues that the nursing workforce should follow. APRNs should practice their profession to the full potential and extent of their training and acquired knowledge and skills. Such recommendations seek to support efforts aimed at improving the healthcare of Americans through the contributions of APRNs. Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection policies have been developed to redesign the healthcare system and expand the roles of APRNs in the provision of health services (Stevens, 2013). ACA has emphasized the increment of reimbursement to APRNs to attract more workforce in the health sector and motivate them to deliver primary care.

APRNs do more than caring for the patient as they work towards disease prevention to promote good health. They partner with patients to identify health risks, conduct disease screening, and offer adequate patient education. For instance, during COVID-19 pandemic, APRNs have been on the driving seat to treat and vaccinate against the virus. They have also been on forefront on educating the public on safer ways to deal with pandemic such as sanitization, social distancing, wearing masks, and vaccination.
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