Geriatrics Essay

Who is considered old in America?
In America, a person is considered aged when he/ she is 65 years and above.

What is Geriatrics
Geriatrics is a type of healthcare service that focuses on the health care of the elderly. This process is also called medical gerontology.

Where are there few healthcare providers working in geriatric facilities?
Many healthcare providers do not major in medical gerontology thus explain the reason behind the low number of geriatric staff in hospitals.

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How to enhance geriatric practice in hospitals
Recruiting and offering educational training on geriatric medicine to healthcare providers in geriatrics will enhance old people care in hospitals.

Problems Geriatric health providers face and how to control them
Geriatric care providers complain of poor payments and poor working conditions. Therefore, offering loans, better pay, and scholarships to geriatric medicine faculty will provide better platforms for career growth.

Poor Coordination in Geriatrics facilities
Geriatrics health care facilities hire different healthcare practitioners at a regular basis, and this brings poor coordination among care providers. However, introducing better healthcare models will improve elderly care.

How Old People Identify Leisure Activities
Older people link their leisure activities to family visitations, attending religious meetings and services, and watching television.

Activities practiced by Old People
Older people spend most of their time watching TV reading newspapers and visiting family compared to attending cinemas and concerts.

Impact of Volunteerism on Old People
Volunteering enables them to engage into physical activities. This helps them reduces health problems like depression and hypertension.

Which ages frequently Volunteers in Jobs?
The elderly aged 50 to 64 volunteered more compared to the elders aged 65 to 75.

Advantages of Volunteers jobs to Old People
Engaging into Volunteer jobs improves the quality of life among older people because it gives them the opportunity to interact with the society.

Social engagement in women Compare to Men
Social engagement is higher in old women compared to old men.

Advantages of Social Engagement among Old People
Social engagement in old people increases their physical and mental health.

Education among the Elderly
Older people who are educated tend to have good financial status. This makes them afford to participate in many leisure activities.

Impact of Loneliness on Old People
Lonely elders develop physical and mental problems easily. They are prone to be depressed because of their isolation from society.

Advantages of Religion to Older People
Religion gives old people the opportunity to interact and gain moral support from their religious leaders. It also makes them change unhealthy living habits.

Impact of Spiritual Growth in Older People
Spiritual growth helps the elderly embrace the act of giving, understanding, and is believed to facilitate active aging.

Civil Engagement of Old People
Old people have experiences when it comes to civil engagements. They offer the best advises when it comes to voting and political issues.

Benefits of Volunteerism to Old People
Volunteer activities improves the social lives of old people, cognitive functioning.

Comparison between Old People and Middle Aged Individuals
Aged individuals visit their friends and families more compared to middle aged people.

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