Essay: Does TV Capture the Diversity of America Yet?

is one of the most influential means of mass media. Alongside with the Internet, it provides mass audience with information and shapes public mind. The content shown on TV is quite varied. One is able to watch news, sports, movies, series, educational programs, TV shows, etc.

Everyone is able to choose something for his personal taste and preferences. Obviously, television is an enormous source of information. When one turns on his TV-set in the evening, he will watch news in order to be aware about everything that has happened in his home country or abroad during the day. Furthermore, television is said to be one of the best tools for shaping one’s mind. When you watch advertisements of the definite product all the time, you will like it very soon. When you watch TV programs about the definite politician, you will soon enjoy this personality and vote for him. Unfortunately, it is very hard to speak about objectiveness of television. Private channels broadcast only such content, which suits to their owners.

It does not worth mentioning that the main role of television is entertainment. Modern TV channels are overloaded with various TV shows and series that amuse the audience. People enjoy fiction and reality shows, because they want to spend their free time with joy. When we speak about reality shows or TV series, we believe that they play the role of the mirror of our reality. When we see happy and rich people on the screen, we believe that we belong to their circle. We want to look like them at least. Undoubtedly, national television should demonstrate the actual structure of society.

It should show all social problems and relevant issues that can be interesting to an average viewer.

It is not right to create reality shows about rich people in a third world country. The audience will not understand this content. Moreover, people will become frustrated and angry because of it.

There have been many scandals about the objectiveness of American television recently.

Some experts claim that American television does not capture the diversity of the USA. The majority of reality shows and TV series touch upon prosperous and happy people, though they forget about relevant social problems and people who require support and help. In addition, they say that ethnical diversity of actors on the screen does not reflect the actual situation in the country. Everyone will agree that the absolute number of actors and actresses on TV is white. One can mention a few scandals touching upon “Saturday Night Live”. According to the statistics only several African American women have received their roles in this show during the whole time of its existence. Naturally, this fact can disappoint an average viewer who understands that the entire population of the USA is not white.

There are many people belonging to various ethnicities and their percent is enormous. They want to see the representatives of their ethnicity on the screen too.

On the other hand, it is not right to claim that American television does not capture the diversity of the USA. Nearly every modern TV show or sitcom contains at least 50 percent of non-white actors. They illustrate the life of different types of people, touch upon social problems, occupation, etc. They do not forget about diversity.

When we hear about poor objectiveness of American television, we should understand that the content of a channel depends on its owner. Finally, television is business and every owner wants to sell his product often forgetting about the actual structure and preferences of the general public.

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