Essay: Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?

School uniform has always been a big trouble to students. The main idea of school uniform is to teach students to wear official style. When one wants to make his successful career, he will have to learn how to dress properly. No one will understand a boss who is wearing informal clothes during official business meetings. Therefore, it is important to help young people develop their tastes. When students get used to wearing official style from their early age, they will not have problems with understanding of the basic norms of formal behavior.

It is reasonable to say that school uniform equalizes students. This moment is very important. Different families have different financial income. Some parents cannot afford expensive clothes for their children. When such children see their mates who are wearing fashionable expensive clothes, they lose their self-esteem. School uniform is the best solution of this problem. When students look alike, no one of them feels superior or inferior. They are equal and their duty is to concentrate on studying. Years ago school uniform was obligatory in every school. With the run of time and liberalization of social relations, school uniform disappeared from many educational institutions.

Nowadays very few schools support the idea of wearing official style. Students have their own choice of clothing. Of course, there are certain standards and rules that must not be broken. Students have to dress in restrained way if they do not want to wear school uniform. Provocative clothes, makeup, hills are banned at the majority of schools.

Doubtless, everyone knows at least one mate who wanted to break all rules and dressed in the way he wanted. Such cases occur quite frequently, especially in high school.

The problem of dressing is very important to young people. They want to look in the most original way. It is possible to explain this fact from the point of view of psychology.

Teenagers behave as rebels, because they feel uncertainly about their place in a social group. They want to find themselves and make experiments with their appearance and behavior. They decide to break all rules and prove something to grownups. This problem is also called a conflict of generations. Young people do not understand their parents and vice versa. There are many cases when boys decide to grow their hair and wear provocative skinny clothes. On the contrary, there are many girls who shave their heads and wear heavy boots like brutal soldiers. Moreover, there are many students who have problems with their sexuality. They want to find themselves and understand their preferences. Very often gay males suffer from bullying and neglect at school. Some students decide to protest against this negative attitude and standards forced by society. No wonder, some young men protest against these norms in a very original way. They wear skirts at school. They claim that all people are equal and they have the right to dress in the way they want. Of course, such students are punished strictly. I should say that the main problem is not in clothes but in attitude. School government should be more liberal nowadays. They should pay attention to students and their offers and ideas.

Naturally, boys cannot wear a skirt to school but modern system of education requires improvement and liberalization. It is important to find a golden mean in dressing, because it is not right to run to extremes. The best way to avoid conflicts is to permit students to dress in the way they want. Of course, they have to use this permission with common sense.

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