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When athletes use drugs in sport we have to ask ourselves why is this happening? Why are our athletes resorting to drugs?
There are a few reasons why this occurs such as pressure and feeling as though that is their last resort. But the reason I will be writing about is to enhance their performance to make them so called better athletes.

Using drugs to improve their performance is not a recent thing the ancient Greeks used hallucinogenic mushrooms as well as sesame seeds to improve the athletic ability. Also the gladiators used stimulants to stave off fatigue.

Our athletes today are faced with the very hard decision as whether to use drugs or not. If the do they will become stronger and faster. If they don’t they are at a disadvantaged to the ones that do.

Also athletes want government rewards. This is where they get paid if they win. This lays a lot of pressure on the athlete. The athlete sees the way to get this is to use drugs to win. So they set out to use drugs to get the government award.

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Another reason as to why drugs are used in sport to enhance the performance of the athlete is some countries such as the German Democratic Republic (GDR) has constantly encouraged all their athletes to use drugs to improve their athletic ability.

Some Politicians see their athletes as a quick and cheap way to get international prestige. So they want their athletes to succeed however they can so their country can be recognized.

So to stop this they have drug testing. They test each athlete to see to see whether they are using drugs. If the test results are positive they are sent home. Of course they don’t get all athletes but they are researching and finding new ways to test for it.

So in conclusion drugs in sport is a reality. It is a sad fact that all athletes cant run a fair a race or swim a fair swim or take part in any type of sport with out the use of drugs. There are more reasons then the ones I stated but I hope that one day we will have sports with out any athlete using drugs and then it will be a fairer game.

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