Essay on Factors Affecting National Integration

Integration is the process and the result of the interaction, collaboration, convergence and integrating any parts of countries, their economic, social, and political structures, cultures, social and political groups, ethnic groups, political parties, movements and organizations and so on.

Ii is a complex, multidimensional, multilayered, and contradictory process. It covers all areas of social life, economics, politics, social, and spiritual life, especially pronounced and persists today in the economy. Integration occurs at both the global and the regional and state levels, speaking as the result of a sufficiently high level of internationalization of the life of peoples and Nations.

National integration process refers to the rapprochement between ethnic communities.

As a rule, national integration is an effective tool of economic, political, and spiritual renewal and development of a nation or ethnic group. As the ethnic group, community develops it increases the number of various bonds and relations (political, economic, social, cultural) with other ethnic groups.

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The main criterion for assessing the direction of national integration (its tolerance) are socio-economic, cultural autonomy and identity of the ethnic group, community. National integration under adverse conditions may slow down and begin the reverse process – a disintegration, which means a breakup of the bonds and relations established between ethnic groups or communities. Negative consequences of this phenomena are associated with the loss of ethnic identity and autonomy of the ethnic community. Often it tends to deliberately limit the influence of foreign culture, seeing it as a threat to its integrity.

The process of national integration can significantly slow down due to the activity of the individual political leaders or active resistance to the consolidation of most of the population of the country. Economic integration is a universally recognized and favorable condition for the development of ethnic groups. The establishment of international organizations and associations contributes to the political integration of ethnic groups within the borders of independent states.

Socio-cultural integration of ethnic groups contributes to the growth and development of their spiritual life, leads to the exchange of achievements in science, literature and the arts, enhancing the quality of education. Integration in the field of ethnic culture is implemented by strengthening the links and people-to-people contacts, including at the household level (e.g., a growing number of mixed marriages).

Currently in relations of the Nations and peoples, the process of rapprochement of cultures and the creation of a global culture prevails. Ethnic peculiarities and differences do not disappear, but remain. The process of national integration occurs both at the level of individual countries, and within these countries, a separate ethnic group, a nation, a society, and a multi-ethnic country. Interethnic, discord slow down the development of ethnic groups.

It also should be mentioned that the process of national integration is similar to the phenomenon of consolidation.

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