Republican Party in Texas Essay

Texas is currently the most powerful Republican state in the United States. Republicans now manage all the political offices in the state, they have the majority in terms of senate seats and they control the education board. Now, Republicans have achieved a majority in more than one hundred of the state counties which are home to almost two-thirds of the entire Texan population. Democrats have not managed to win a statewide election for twenty-five years, keeping the state solidly conservative, despite some voters still supporting the Democrats.

To gain a better understanding of how the Republican Party took hold in Texas, it is necessary to briefly investigate Texan history. Unlike other regions of the USA, Texas was not originally a British colony. With many nations trying to conquer Texas, it cultivated an identity of independence and a good work ethic. For this reason, Texans were never forced to rely on the government to meet their needs.

Early settlers trusted in church and family values, not in bureaucracy, thus, identifying themselves entirely with ideals and values of the Republican Party. The state has unsurpassed economic performance as a result of Texans’ conservative attitude towards hard work. In the late ’70s, the local Texas economy was rapidly growing and people from all over the country chose Texas for better opportunities, lower taxes and a greater extent of freedom.

Thus, it was the influx of like-minded people, who tended to be Republican, had more money, and be more conservative that boosted the overwhelming political support as well. It is fair to say that the exponential increase that the Republican Party has encountered in the last few years, has generated a new era of politics while still maintaining the state’s original values.

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