Essay on Fiber Optic Communications

Free Essay on Fiber Optic Communications:

1. Title: Fiber-optic Communication and its Applications

2. Aim of the Project
Due to their ability to transfer light energy effectively, optical fibers underpin more than a few technological applications, including sensors and medical devices. Based on the qualities of optical fibers, fiber-optic communication has revolutionized our world. By facilitating a rapid and stable transfer of information along long distances, fiber-optic communication constitutes the needed infrastructure, which allows the Internet, for instance, to become so popular. This project aims to explore the current and prospective uses of fiber-optic communications from two major points of view, namely the technological prospects of the technology and its former, current and future economic significance.

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3. Research Outcomes and Objectives
In order to produce a valuable and useful research, this project must incorporate both internal and external aspects of the topic. That is, a comprehensive analysis of the role of fiber-optic communications in today’s world must not rush into conclusions without considering both the nature of the technology as well as its relations with other technologies, uses and users. Hence, this research will entail four major objectives:

1. A review of the nature of the technology, its course of development and state-of-the-art improvements in it.
2. An examination of the uses of the technology and its derivatives and a study of the interrelations between the applications of fiber-optic communications and other technologies, interfaces, and needs.
3. An analysis of the economic role of fiber-optic communications, its influence on different markets and the price of the underlying materials.
4. Based on all the above, the study should provide a forecast regarding medium- and long-term trends, which can influence the development of the technology and/or be influenced by it.

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