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The features of size are all hole diameters and counter bore diameters, the slot width, the base widths, the base thickness, and the center protrusion width.

The default surface profile tolerance in the note provides a tolerance zone around all surfaces of 0.5, centered on the surface. 0.25 tolerance is obtained basing on the dimension at every edge. Then the minimum and maximum allowance are 59.5 and 60.5 respectively.

The bottom surface is the feature A of the Datum. This feature correspond with the simulator of the Datum feature. On the side of the feature B, it acts a surface hole.

The frame of the datum is mutually perpendicular to the three planes with original coordinates axes located at the center of the hole of the datum B.

The stabilization of the datum parts is done at the inspection and manufacturing process following sequence: Constrain the base to be in contact with a datum feature simulator (an essentially flat surface) corresponding to datum A; constrain the translation of the part on datum A with a gauge pin in the datum feature B hole; constrain the final rotation of the part (around datum B) with a gauge pin or block in the groove.

The fixture was done with a purpose of locating the bore orientation. This bore is located with respect to the bottom surface (datum A), the pin hole (datum B), and the groove (datum C). The edges of the base will not be touching anything for alignment, and can consequently have much looser tolerances. It is usually easier and cheaper to precisely locate a part with respect to locating pins than with respect to the edges of the part.

Since no material condition modifier is specified for the tolerance zone associated with the hole, its tolerance zone is RFS (regardless of feature size). The specified tolerance zone diameter is the specified 0.05 whether the hole diameter is 6.00, or 6.05, or anything between. 0.05, 0.05

The top line of the position control of the bolt holes specifies the PLTZF tolerance of 0.3 at MMC (maximum material condition). For the bolt holes, when manufactured at the MMC of 6.0, the diameter of the PLTZF tolerance zone is 0.3. When manufactured at the LMC of 6.1, the diameter of the PLTZF tolerance zone is 0.4, i.e. the sum of the specified tolerance plus the “bonus” tolerance of 0.1 due to the deviation of the hole from its MMC.

Cylindricity is a control of the surface of the bore, so is not controlled by the position tolerance zone which controls the axis of the bore. Since there is not an explicit control of the cylindricity specified, it could be controlled either by the default profile of a surface control, specified with the note at the bottom of the drawing, or by Rule #1. In this case, Rule #1 has the tighter tolerance, so it controls the cylindricity of the bore. Rule #1 provides for the cylindricity of the surface of the bore to be within an envelope of a perfect cylinder at MMC diameter of 14.9.
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