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There is great influence of the imported food on the food security of the individual countries. In Canada for example, there are numerous cases of cuisine’s from Australia and China. On a general scale, these foods are becoming popular among the residents of Canada. The end results are dire to the economy of Canada. These foodstuffs are going to overrun the foods produced locally and the local production might collapse (Aboriginal Food Security in Northern Canada, 12-17). This will lead to food insecurity in Canada hence need to be tackled head on. Different factors have encouraged the penetration of these imports into the Canadian market. Some of the factors have been self-initiated whereas others have been externally induced. Above all, when all has been said and done, the imports only serve to injure the economy of Canada rather than improve it.

My food choices are supportive of the food security aspect. I prefer that the money circulates within the local population therefore increasing the development at local level. I champion local production because they are more healthy and safe for consumption compared to the products shipped from overseas. I discourage canned food products because of the additives included to improve their longevity (Minhas, Simrat 10-16).

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In general, my food choices are at par with ensuring food security. When it comes to ensuring food security in Canada, the effort must be generated from within the citizens themselves and the government at large. There is need to reduce taxation on locally produced goods in order to increase the capacity of the local industries and the local farmers lives as a whole.

From my list of foods, I can say that I contribute positively to food security in Canada by purchasing most of the foods produced within the country. It is my belief that the realization for a food secure nation is the key towards sustainability of the economy.

  • During winter, I would prefer to purchase locally grown strawberries over frozen berries. This is because they are environment friendlier and safe for use. Rather, this would save the extra costs involved in the transport of food to Canada.
  • When the foods are brought from the local producers, more local people benefit from the money that passes through their hands. In this way, there is a development of the economy. In Prince Edward Island, there is community empowerment from the Thompson Potato Company and this is a positive economic development.
  • At times, imported food has proved cheaper than locally produced food in Canada. This has been associated to a number of factors majorly because some imports are exempted from taxation whereas other products produced from within are taxed heavily.
  • Apart from cost, I take into consideration the quality of the food before purchase. I would rather purchase fresh foodstuff from the farms rather than purchase frozen foods that have overstayed their duration. I would also prefer the foods that have ripened at the right time under natural conditions at the farm rather than the shipped products which ripen under artificial conditions.

My food choices are based on a number of factors and therefore go hand in hand with sustainability. They must meet the following criteria hence sustainable;

  1. They must be locally grown; there is a special feature with the foods being locally produced. They possess a great flavor and taste. They are more delicious compared to the other brands that are imported. By purchasing from the local producers, there is the empowerment of the local people and the local economy at large (Tarasuk, Valerie 25-33). This is the typical comparison of the products that have been imported and those that have been locally produced and the differences are very clear. The empowerment of the local economy also provides the necessary backbone needed.
  2. They must be organically farmed; this is the means of using the natural elements to ripen the foods. Organic foods lack additives that induce their development hence are more healthy and safe. The additives from the inorganic farming have always led to the increased prevalence in disease and pest buildup in the environment. When you compare the apples that have been produced locally and organically to those that have been produced inorganically, the local ones that are organically produced are much better.
  3. They must contain essential nutrients; there is always the tendency of foodstuff to lose their nutrients during the processing. This may be due to the handling or the additives added during the processing. This is exactly the opposite when you buy food from the producers. They are always fresh and at their best nutritional values. Cases of rot or change of taste and quality due to time of exposure do not occur.

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