Healthcare Technology Essay

Recently there has been a surge of the software applications that exist to users in regards to healthcare. The increase in these applications has been dramatically contributed by the health awareness campaigns that have been taking places all around the world mainly due to lifestyle diseases. One of the apps that I would propose would be software for pediatric services that should be inclusive of a BOT for quick self-service needs and also stand-by pediatricians on the other end. This would help nursing mothers who might get issues with their kids for particular reasons that could be solved without the need of getting to the hospital. The application should be connected to a light wrist band that is specially made for infants and helps monitor their blood pressure, heart rate and even the temperature regardless of the weather.

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Some applications get to the user without any verification from the authority to determine the credibility of the information and solutions offered by various applications. As a result, there has been a growing number of cases concerning some misinformation. Instant Blood Pressure pro is such an app that has been put through tests, and no developer could avail themselves for queries. Some applications fail to provide the needed information due to inadequate attention given to the users. This is through a lack of customization which helps in increasing the accuracy.
Another good example is that of Mole-picking app which is an application intended for picking cancerous moles in people. Scientists advice demanding and technical tests like that for determining cancer should be taken in health facilities and not through the app since there are chances of many errors that way. Applications like these should go a step further and collaborate with health care facilities so that their intended purpose gets fulfilled effectively.

The other application that has a similar challenge is uCheck which claims to perform a urine test via the app effectively. There is no verification of the database the developers use to come up with such software that promises users amazing results while they end up being unreliable by giving misleading information which might lead to a wrong diagnosis. The creation of a software that involves public users require enormous research beforehand and various collaborations with the relevant stakeholders of the field of interest and even participation from the users might help improve the quality of an application to make it more tailored for the user.

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