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Free Essay on Taking Action:

One day a person wakes up and thinks that the way he lives should and even must be changed as it is next to impossible to continue the way it goes. Logan Pearsall Smith, an American-born writer stated, “there are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want: and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second”(108). And really it is a great luck to gain what you want and to be pleased with what you have. But unfortunately, our life makes up not only of success and prosperity, but also of difficulties and troubles. In my view, student’s main task and aim is to gain knowledge in the definite field for the benefit of the state, future generations. So he should not stay in his own town, but move to a cosmopolitan city in search of worthy education and further promotion prospects. A student has to rent a flat in San Francisco. It is surrounded on three sides by water and according to statistics this place is second most densely populated city in the United States, known for its academic excellence. I reckon that renting a apartment in San Francisco is too expensive for a student and that is why I need to change something and find a better alternative for further accommodation. As San Francisco has high living standard, it is a great cultural, banking and finance center, there are many educational establishments such as San Francisco State University, Jesuit-run University, University of California, California Culinary Academy, different colleges etc. Therefore a large number of students face the same problems concerning renting.

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Certainly, it is hard to change something, when you already have a definite pattern of life, habits, place of living. But all this reminded me of the words of an outstanding poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson, who keenly noticed, “Can anybody remember when the times were not difficult and money not scare?”(104) Undeniably, the poet is right. As we always fall short of something and it often interferes with our being self-satisfied. A lot of students have to conclude a rental agreement, because they are unable to buy a flat or live in it temporarily and are going to move to another city or state. Moreover, when a students rents a flat not for a long period of time, then it is much more advantageous to rent rather than to buy. So does the majority. But if a student cannot afford an accommodation in San Francisco, the city which hosts less than half native citizens, others came there from various parts of the United States, than it is reasonable to consider cheaper suitable variants and decide which of them is favorable and materially founded. I am on the point of changing my accommodation, finding a solution; hence I still hesitate and will surely take up all pros and cons. At the first sight it seems appropriate to move to a cheaper area of the city.

Though the poverty rate in San Francisco is rather low in comparison with the rate in other cities of US, but crime rate and homelessness are not that comfort for the local citizens. As any other cosmopolitan city of the world San Francisco lives its double-bottom life, which is dazzling, glittering and alluring on the surface and may be dangerous and unpredictable in the heart. Streets are not well-lighted and I should not only spend much time on the way home in a bus or trolleybus or use San Francisco Municipal Railway, but also go on foot along the dark remote city streets. If none of my fellow-students rents an apartment there, than I will have to follow this route alone, and this makes it far more dangerous. Most of entertainment centers and necessary services are located in the city center. What is more, it is rather dangerous to live in remote areas and will take me long to get to the part of San Francisco where I study and may have some business. So I may not afford some luxurious apartment but have no right to neglect safety. I am not sure that I will have an opportunity and courage to live as I used to if I do not feel safe and comfortable. I should have auspicious conditions for studying and personal development, that would have been an ideal “habitat” and would have created suitable climate for my perfection. Therefore it is not easy to change a flat near the university, in the center for the one in the outlying district. One may say that something must be given up if I have to cut down expenses, and it is natural that the new variant I considered is not so convenient.

Nothing of the kind, if I do accept changes, they ought to be favorable. And we cannot live without constant change and up-dating in our fast-moving world to catch up with others and not to fall behind. But living in the outlying district is not the only variant, I may also move to residential suburbs. This choice has a number of advantages. First of all, there are through trains which take people to the suburb and bring them back, their timetable is very convenient and I will not need to go on foot for a long time from the station to my apartment, they are rather cheap and widely used by citizens. Secondly, suburbs of San Francisco are well-lighted and not so gloomy when it gets dark. Consequently, moving to a small town close to San Francisco is a good solution, as safety which is offered to me there in comparison with the outskirts influences my final decision. It is an additional argument for choosing a suburb, though it has disadvantages too. Naturally, they are also far from the center of the city and my way there and back will surely take much time.

I am not going to hesitate and I will check in practice if it is suitable for me to live in suburbs, as I consider it to be a good solution taking into account my needs and demands. Life is made up of little things and every trifle is important, so a student should take into consideration all possible consequences of the change of place of living and the choice of a new one. It is up to us to choose something and never to blame anyone for that, as one has to make up his mind and be responsible for the decision. A brilliant writer Mark Twain once noticed “Do not go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first”(163). It is high time to take action and not just be discontented with what I have and what I lack. On the whole, the problem with students’ accommodation has to be solved in the shortest possible time, may be it ought to be provided by special city institutions or educational establishments. But no one will take care of a student better than this student himself, who knows what conditions are appropriate, a student should not wait long and hesitate wasting time, because his destiny and welfare are in his own hands.

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