Response Essay Sample

How does this book portray slaves’ owners? (Like Mr. and Mrs. Shelby- not like Mr. Haley).
Faced with a critical issue of faith and law, the slave owners know that whatever action they take will significantly impact their lives, losing their farm or try to salvage it by selling their slaves. Mr. Shelby’s description of a considerate and caring person in the manner of his treatment of his slaves acknowledging the treatment his slaves would get once sold the South, he debt makes him extremely desperate, and it would be the only way to keep his house. Mrs. Shelby explores her spiritual beliefs on slavery and the overall impact on the slaves as long as they are held as slaves.

What caused the outbreak of the bloodiest conflict in the history of North America?
The Civil War was a dispute over the moral issue of slavery, the finances of slavery, and opinionated control of that structure central to the clash, especially states’ rights. Southern states sought after the assertion of their influence over the federal government to eliminate federal laws they differed with, particularly laws intrusive with the right to own slaves.

Why do you think these portrayals of slave owners like Mr. and Mrs. Shelby is particularly impactful in the North?
The description of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby implies a position held by people in the North, that being good slave owners translates to being good Christians. Teaching advanced to the slaves within their boundaries with captions from Eliza, who mourns, ‘I always thought that I must obey my master and mistress, or I could not be a Christian.

How does this book contribute to the causes of the Civil War?
The Republican Party association is fervently contrasting the westward extension of slavery into new states. The election of a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, in 1860 sealed the deal, a victory, without any Southern electoral vote signaled lost authority on the southern states. An issue that leads to unconventional ways like secession, resulting in war as a political decision.

Reconstruction Amendments
How are they different? Who was the 1st ten protecting? And from whom? Whom is the 13th, 14th , & 15th protecting? And from whom?
The first ten amendments were more detailed and covered more topics than the 13th-15th, with the amendments protecting particularly the white men from the excesses of government and the 13th-15th amendments protecting the African Americans from the whites racists from murdering free innocent people.

Reconstruction Painting
What do you see in the painting? How do the women feel about their former mistress? How can you tell? How does she feel about them? How can you tell?
Sad women with a former mistress with a harsh look, unbothered, it is as she went into the women’s house to order them to fetch something for her. The women seem scared of their former mistress and seem not to have any other option than work for her. She seems unaffected with no care attitude. The light is on, meaning it is in the evening. She almost certainly woke them.

Social Darwinism
Can you defend anything about Social Darwinism?
Not, I digress with any of it, and its meaning shows unfairness to Native Americans and African Americans. With great disadvantages, minority communities were considered as survivors, since they were not whites, who held them from their rights and made them suffer.

What are some of the problems with Social Darwinism? What are some of the problems of not practicing Social Darwinism?
One significant aspect is the contradiction by letting things flow and do not care about attitude with laws that oppress certain groups.

Do we currently practice Social Darwinism in this country?
Groups are practicing such theories and believes with a notion of being better than the rest and continue such practices due to access to money and success.