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Has your freedom ever been threatened? If so, how and when? I am simply fifteen years old and can unfortunately say that yes, my freedom has been threatened in the past. I can clearly remember the day, hour, and even minuet of that day. But before I go on about my freedom being threatened, let me explain a little on freedom.

Freedom has many denotations, let alone definitions, but the connotation is not the same to everyone. I also believe that not everyone knows or understands the true meaning of freedom and freedom is often taken advantage of. Since I am still young, I also most likely do not know the true meaning of freedom either, but I have my ideas. To me, freedom is being able to wake up in the morning and step out of a nice, warm bed. Freedom is being able to choose what I want wear, what I eat, what kind of music I listen to, how I wear my hair, and what people I hang out with and talk to. I believe freedom is to have a choice. It is to be able to make your own choices and have your own rights.

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A possible negative aspect of one’s privilege to make one’s own choices is that those choices are not always positive. Sometimes those negative choices have larger harmful consequences than ever desired. A good example of this is the September 11th tragedy. To us, Americans, the results of that horrible day were just appalling. People all over were changed. Some became more open to others. They made new friends, talked to strangers, and tried to live life to the fullest. But others became more protective. They kept to themselves, bought the newest and finest security systems and now don’t take chances like they use to. Everyone was affected differently and people were changed.

The terrorist attack definitely scared people. It scared people because they were threatened.  They didn’t change just because of the attack, people changed because freedom was threatened. They are merely dealing with the changed world how they wish. Some people are more aware of their choices and privileges today and take advantage of them because no body knows when they might be taken away. The other people that now hide away in fear of what each new day might bring upset me because the world is still great and wonderful discoveries are to still be experienced.

In summary, freedom is a gift. Yes, some people take advantage of it, but, why not? Freedom is a wonderful entity but it might not last forever. If chances were never taken and if discoveries were never made, what would the world be like? Without freedom, life would not be as exciting or adventurous. Yes, our freedom was in danger, but it was not taken away from us. But, like I stated earlier, we may not be free forever, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

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