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Karl Marx is often remembered as a critic of capitalism and nothing more. The truth is that though he did criticize capitalism, he still used parts of a capitalist society to infer his theories on classes in society as well as individual responsibilities. He accepts the jobs that must be done in order for a society to exist but uses a different method for completing the tasks. Marx defined human labor as the medium of interaction between subjects and this material or natural domain.

I classify Marx as a critical theorist because he calls for a radical change away from capitalism. The change is from a non-egalitarian notion to an egalitarian society where the cost of life is the same. The basis for his theory is that every task must be completed in order for the society as a whole to function. The motivation for doing the jobs is that every person in society must contribute and if they get a job that is less desirable, they only have to do it for a few hours and get the same benefits as everyone else. Marx believes that this allows for a more rounded person that is well educated and not stressed out because of working so much. He understands that family time is very important and there is no reason that you should throw yourself into work and not see the people you care about.

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Marx views the individual in society as a creative agent striving toward self-fulfillment.  This is very interesting coming from a man who is often interpreted as a complete collective thinker. He also believed that ???it was not the individual but society that was responsible for unnecessary suffering and for human unhappiness. His theories seem to be leading to a collective where everyone in the society has one mind and they all think as one with no free thought. His definition for the individual suggests otherwise. If we were all striving for self-fulfillment, then that would mean that we are not acting as one, but acting for ourselves. The key is to remember that everything an individual does has an impact on the society as a whole and that in itself is the motivation to do good.

The society is thought of as a collection of individuals that are working together in equal parts to accomplish a good life. Marx thinks that the introduction of the capitalist mode of production caused an increase in the false perception of individuals as autonomous beings. As an individual it is possible to be good and strive towards self-fulfillment, but without everyone in the society doing so, the society as a whole will remained unfulfilled.

Marx???s methodology was fundamentally Hegelian, with one difference. He believed that the moving force of social change was the struggle for human control over the material world. The purpose of thinking, according to Marx is to assimilate the concrete to reproduce real practical activity as an abstract and mental category. This implies that while analyzing, you are constantly switching between the concrete descriptions and the highly abstract description. Without fully understanding both portions, you cannot understand the subject.

Marx???s largest contribution to sociology is his thoughts on the collective. Most places of employment have some underlying direction towards a no in team philosophy. It is accepted that you will get more accomplished at a higher quality if you work together as a team. Everyone has the same goal for example customer service, and by doing your individual part, the customer is satisfied. Working in a team does not mean that you lose individual accomplishment. If you put the same piece on a car part all day long, you are still contributing to the great whole. While working as a team, the car will be eventually put together accomplishing the goal. It is used every day in most types of jobs.

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