Campus Diversity Essay

The diversity seen in college campuses offers a peek into the real world of people in society. Furthermore, the way I classify students on campus aids me to understand my outlook towards the world. There are an abundance of contrasting personalities on campus, which often contributes to manifold viewpoints on any subject.

Firstly, I came across the studious students, who abide by the rules of study. I find them very good or utmost above average at whatever subject they lay their hands on. Their life seems to be quite confined to books. They are not much of risk-takers and mostly keep themselves away from new activities. Books, classes, and teachers are their only world within the campus.

The creatives are the next category of students on campus. They are extremely interesting, considering the originality they offer in every aspect of their work. Creatives have a very different approach towards the world, and they are quite open about it. Tolerance is one of the key features I have noticed in creative students, which makes them available to other students. The extent of their imagination is immense.

The third kind of students on campus are the lost ones, who seem to be out of place all the time. I called them the lost ones because nothing in the campus appears to interest them. I often find them skipping classes just to be by themselves. They look as if something is holding them back or maybe they are just reserved in nature. They contain hidden potential, which is visible from occasional interaction with them.

The amount of possibility and talent that lives within the variety of students on campus is unpredictable. The lessons that each individual will carry with them from the campus will determine their future and the world as well.

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