Free Essay on High School vs. Elementary School

Free comparison essay on High School vs. Elementary School:

The transition from elementary school to high school is a life altering change. The freedom and choices that have to be made in high school are much greater than those in elementary school.

Basically, one has no freedom in elementary school. Everything that one is expected to do is told to him or her. One does not have to make the choice of what course to take and when they want to take it. In high-school one basically ends up making all the choices. By the time a person reaches grade twelve the only course that becomes mandatory is English twelve. Then one has seven courses that he or she gets to choose on their own.

There is also more freedom in high-school because the concept of a “spare block” comes in to the picture. One can do whatever he or she wants to do during that time period. In elementary school the only spare time that one has is during recess and lunch. However, at that time the school has appointed various parents to supervise the children. Again one has no freedom.

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Along with high school freedom comes the freedom to make choices about ones life. The biggest choice a person has to make in elementary school is should I get one or two hot-dogs on hot-dog day. One also has no control over what classes he or she wishes to take. They are all set out for him or her. In high-school, though, one chooses his or her classes according to what career they want for themselves. This freedom has to be used wisely because the choices that one makes has a bearing on ones entire life.

In high school one also has the choice of when he or she wants to go to class. In elementary school one is with one teacher all day and so the teacher knows if he or she has been to school that day. But in high-school the teacher does not always know if you have been here the whole day or not. In elementary a childs parent holds his or her hand and walks their kid to school. Parents don’t do that in high-school and therefore it gives one more choices.

Sometimes, though, the freedom and choices given to one in high-school can be detrimental. Some students have not matured and abuse the privileges of high school. Some take the freedom given and make the wrong choices with it. If that student was in elementary school he or she would not have the freedom to make their own choices and in essence it would be impossible for that student to make the wrong choice. So sometimes high school freedom is not good. However it is an excellent way of rewarding those who can make the right choices with the freedom given to them.

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