Historical Perspective Essay

History plays a major role in day to day events and activities in the society. When it comes to history, much attention is given to the perspective of the above people as compared to the below people. Many of historic materials like books, journals, and articles dwells on great people, big kingdoms, great actions, and huge nations, and ignore the below people. These materials are about vast ideas, great books, famous thinkers, and the great events that happened in history (Green & Troup, 2017). This paper seeks to explain the role history from the perspective of the below people in our rethinking of the modern world history. The perspective of “below” people play both negative and positive role in the modern historic thinking.

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During the Maritime expansion in Atlantic world, the European oppressed Africans, Americas, and American Indians through regimes build on racial grounds. This led to different and diverse cultures mingling as the European sought to find business routes. The modern world political, economic, and social developments, are shaped by the historic systems such as chattel servitude in Americas, and trans-Atlantic slave trade. The “below” people played a major in exchange of cultures, traditions, and norms as they settled in new places as servants of the powerful (Green & Troup, 2017). This resulted to the introduction of multicultural practices that make the modern world.

According to chapter 15, stories of the marginalized groups from the past play a positive role in modern world history by helping individuals visualize how they can be of impact to great issues that are greater that an individual for their homeland, country, or institution. Herodotus demonstrates this through the story of civilization struggle between Persia and Greece (Hansen & Curtis, 2016). He illustrates the relationship between an individual and the state. Individuals show their way of benefit through the state which takes the role of an auditorium.

Chapter 18 of this book gives account of the spread of trade from the rich economies and empires, which led to the new societies. The Europeans ensured they are in control of gains from Americas conquered land. Profits were mainly from cash crops like tobacco and sugar, and minerals such as silver and gold. The dominant Europeans started projects that required massive labor which was sourced from African slaves along the Atlantic Ocean. The mix of African, Amerindians, and European foundations, significantly played a positive role in determining the modern history of the region (Burton & Ballantine, 2016).

Modern thinking of world-class historical events wants to explore the unpopular historical events and how they impact the current thinking. Thompson’s, termed as the unusual historian, exposed historic events on workshop tolls, and failed schemes among others. He gave concentration to what was regarded as irrelevant and further studied it and wrote the untold story of human historic experience (Burton & Ballantine, 2016).

In conclusion, history of the below plays both a positive role and negative in the modern rethinking of history. The untold stories of the marginalized historic figures are of oppression and informs modern history that people must suffer for the popular to thrive. On the other hand, these stories of the unpopular educate the current generation on sacrifices that can be made on individual for greater good of a nation or a state. Through Herodotus study of the below people, he enlightens his readers how the system works and how each member of country can contribute for a better polity. For history to stand, it must be inclusive of both the powerful, famous, wealthy, and the poor, voiceless, and marginalized persons who contributed in making history.

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