Human Centered Design & Engineering Essay

Human Centered Design & Engineering has always been a faculty for me where students work on global issues and save and improve our standard of living every day. This area has become my life goal since I consider myself to be a curious and active person who seeks to develop and be useful to the world. HCDE focuses on technological developments, and I am convinced that our future depends on innovation and information systems that will enable all countries to become a single mechanism for solving problems. I admire computer technologies because they require constant mental work and high knowledge of mathematics and logic. I believe that such skills are necessary for a successful life as they open up a significant amount of opportunities, making a person more diversified.

I know that this department requires constant study, but I am convinced that the result of such work will allow me to become a worthy worker in any field. This program contains many elements that I find interesting and useful for further work in a computer and technical environment. One of the main strengths of HCDE for me is the possibility of implementing projects, which makes it possible to contribute to science and technology development. In addition to this aspect, each professor has a high level of qualification and is able to motivate me for new goals. The last important factor is the learning atmosphere, which allows a person to plunge into a new world and fulfill his or her personal dreams. Human Centered Design & Engineering makes me better than I am, and this is a significant indicator for me, and I am convinced that this faculty will allow me to reveal my potential.

Moreover, I believe that my knowledge base and practical experience will allow me to be a worthy student with high academic performance. I am currently working as an administrative assistant intern at Lani Cao Law Office LLC, and this practice allows me to gain new management and planning skills in general. As a digital marketer, I am also responsible for editing the website, which is an additional criterion for choosing HCDE. This work allows me to understand the needs and psychology of people, and I am convinced that this knowledge will be useful in developing more large-scale and complex projects at the faculty. Another essential experience was my work at Migo Inc. as brand ambassador, where I also studied consumer desires and developed marketing strategies. I am a creative person, and my activity always has a particular approach that contributes to the successful implementation of any tasks. I love teamwork and have often been the leader of various ideas and activities since this activity pleases me. I believe that communication and collectives have a significant impact on internal motivation and work efficiency.

Thus, I am convinced that Human Centered Design & Engineering is a faculty that will allow me to reach my potential and benefit both society and the world in general. Important indicators for me is the knowledge of languages ​​as they help to expand the outlook and think outside the box, which is useful for technical fields of activity. I know four languages, and it makes me feel comfortable in any environment. This program will allow me to improve my critical thinking and design skills, making me a more responsible and informed person who can continue to work in this area. Therefore, I want to be part of the team that seeks to change our lives, creating incredible projects and bring humanity to a new level of development.

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