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Environmental Issues Research Paper

Combating environmental issues requires a collective approach for all parties involved. The Arab region produces vast amounts of oil and petroleum products; accordingly, creating regional policies would strengthen the implementation of Agenda 21, together with other international statutes that govern common goods, such as air and the environment. In 2017, a partnership was signed between the United Nations Environment and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), to ensure the region collectively addresses environmental issues.

The main areas of the agenda was incorporating environmental conservation of the strategic plan of specific countries, before it is rolled out to the other Arabic states. Specifically, the plan was to use the Kuwait vision 2035 and the KSA’s vision 2030 in the long-term strategic planning for the Gulf (Yergin). This move would be the formation of a secretariat that would safeguard the Arabic coastal marine ecosystems, monitor air quality standards, and manage hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the politics of the environment in Kuwait (2035) and KSA (2030) GCC would help formulate strategic policies and laws that would actualize sustainable development in the entire Arabic Peninsula.

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Theoretical Framework
Theoretical frameworks are vital in guiding in determining how variables are measures and the statistical relationship the researcher wants to measure. Since no research of a similar design has been conducted in the GCC, an exploratory research would be relevant (United Nations Environment). Similarly, a quantitative and qualitative approach would be used to measure the different variables that are involved in gauging the practicality of formulating regional policies that would be domesticated by all member states.

Research Question
Are members of the GCC ready for alternative energy?

Hypothesis (H1)

  • H1 GCC countries do not have an overall environmental policy
  • H0 GCC countries have an overall environmental policy

Data Collection
During the investigation, close-ended questions will be used to validate the claim that the GCC countries, particularly Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other regional states lack regional strategies to promote sustainable development through proper harnessing of solar power, as the ideal alternative to the use of fossil fuels (Clark). The research will focus on KSA and Kuwait based on their influence in Middle East politics and the existence of stable legal and political frameworks that can help implement regional environmental laws.

Reporting and Analysis of Data
The responses collected during data collection will guide the best strategies to formulate and implement laws that will govern promote sustainable development in the Middle East.

Definition of Key Terms

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – These are guiding principles that guide nations towards achieving the previously known Millennium Development Goals, whose objective is to promote sustainable development among countries. These guiding principles would help in policy formulation of GCC states
  • Policies – Principles or actions taken to advance a particular cause. In the GCC context, creation of regional environmental policies could be vital in achieving the global SDGs.
  • Sustainability – The process of harnessing natural resources with the goal of not compromising the needs of future generations. Since the Arabic Peninsula is endowed with oil as the main natural resource, the sustainable exploration of oil could see future generations benefit from this resource (Yergin).

The summary will highlight the lack of policies related to environmental conservation, the public opinion that would be based on the responses in the questionnaires, and recommendations provided to help actualize an environmental conscious GCC.

The overall assessment of the Middle East environmental policies, and the practical solutions that can be implemented, preferably starting with Kuwait and KSA.

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