India Under British Rule Essay

The cotton textile import from Indian subcontinent became a very important field of manufacturing economy in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

Textile goods became that link, which created a connection between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In addition, cotton goods were necessary for the purchase of goods in West Africa. The scale of textile trade is important for the understanding of the economy of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in general, and Indian and British trade in particular. This trade helped to establish a colonial rule and develop a domination of Britain over India.

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Textile from South Asia in general and India in particular was sent to different countries of the world. British merchants had gradually taken control over all textiles produced in India.

There are several reasons which made Indian goods including textile so attractive for Europeans. First of all, low prices of Indian goods helped to receive high incomes. Beautiful colors and design of Indian textile, together with high quality also attributed to its popularity. These characteristics appealed to the customers from Anatolia, Southeastern Europe, the Arab provinces of Ottoman Empire and Iran. After a short period of time Indian cloth displaced textile goods in many local markets. Low prices and high quality of this textile helped to promote it all over the world.

Under British domination there were built railroads and other means of transportation, which created a connection between India and Europe. During this time a connection between India and chief European ports had been established. This finally let stop Indian isolation from the rest of the world.

Railroads made connections between different areas of India and steam-vessels provided a connection between India and other nations. Despite British aristocracy had only commercial interest in India and regarded it only as a commercial objective, involuntary it provided an economical and technical development of this country. “The millocracy have discovered that the transformation of India into a reproductive country has become of vital importance to them, and that, to that end, it is necessary, above all, to gift her with means of irrigation and of internal communication”(Marx, 217). This aim could have been partially achieved creating a set of railroads, which would connect different parts of India. Creating of the railroad had big impact on different spheres of life of India. Railroad was used for agricultural purposes since tanks could not transportation ground and water to the regions where it was necessary. That made possible to considerable expand the agriculture of the country. Now irrigated land could be used and brought profit and employment opportunities for the country. Implementation of the railroad connection gave an opportunity to reduce the quantity and costs of the army.

This was achieved with the creating of a new opportunity for rapid transportation and this helped to reduce the quantity of army. Village isolation was finally overcome since railroads helped to create connections between rural and urban areas of the country.

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