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Incidence of osteoporosis in vegetarians and omnivores appeared to me a very interesting article not just from the standpoint of the conducted research, investigated methods and achieved results, but also from the standpoint of ideas for life, choosing of the proper diet and health issues.

I agree that study of osteoporosis occurrence and emergence is very subjective issue. It can be stipulated by some hereditary issues, or factors that are not directly connected with type of nutrition person preferred to practice. But methods of osteoporosis measurement and achieved results seems to be very relevant and true, as nearly all subjective factors were taken into consideration and errors estimations as well. The question of bone density is relative to me, as it should be subjectively examined with each separate individual to follow and investigate all positive and negative influences of such occurrence to an organism in general.

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I have read a lot of scientific articles about this topic, upon being a vegetarian – pros and contras. And I must say that there is no single meaning of scientists and researchers upon this question and it is very controversial. We have to take into consideration that after taking some measurements of different organs we can interpret them regarding of the result or deduction we want to make. People can have some particular deceases and for them vegetarian diet can be just dangerous for their well-being, and on the contrary, for example, people with renal failure must follow vegetarian based diet.

Speaking about my personal experiences of encountering issues discussed in the article, I must say that there are no vegetarians in my surrounding and no people who suffer from osteoporosis. But I have read I lot of pros and contras this type of nutrition and my personal attitude to this is more positive one from the standpoint of caring for health and staying healthy the longer the possible. My relatives have never been vegetarians and have never practiced this type of nutrition and so far they feel themselves normal and do not have any evidences of osteoporosis emergence. As far as I investigated in this question deeper, I found out that health is not the only reason for choosing nutrition. Some people follow concrete diet for religious issues or they consider that eating meat and attendant products is against animal rights and is anti-world. So, their reasons are more psychologically stipulated. I have no right to judge, but I have one to express my own opinion. I eat everything and I care of my health. I want to stay healthy for a long time; therefore I try to receive all necessary microelements. I prefer fresh and healthy cooked food, I mean minimally unprocessed. I try to vary food that I consume taking into consideration particular periods in my life- when I study a lot or go info sports or just spend more time outdoors. So, I try to use scientific and structures approach to diet in my everyday life.

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