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John Proctor Essay:

John Proctor is the character of the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller which describes the fearful  years of the witch trials and executions of innocent people. john proctor lived at the end of the 17th century and was an ordinary farmer, but like every ordinary person he could become the victim of the witch trials. The times were dark and people believed in prejudice and every irregular action was judged as something evil and deserved only death. Arthur Miller presented the character of John proctor in the tragic light, as he wanted to describe the events of the that period on the concrete example how innocent common people became enemies of the church and where executed like witches.

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Because of his constant protest of the court proceedings, Arthur Miller found John Proctor to embody many qualities important to The Crucible. Such a strong will to oppose the trials proved catastrophic for Proctor and in August of 1692, he paid the ultimate price.

The play is quite exciting for every student who is interested in history and the period mentioned there. It is difficult to analyze the topics based on the books, because much depends on the person who reads them and understands them in her own way. The topic of witchcraft is very interesting and young people from high school to college and university are asked to write an essay on John Proctor’s character from the book of Arthur Miller. A good essay should present a very brief summary of the play to give the reader the idea of the book. Then, there should be a deep analysis of the main characters and the whole theme of the play, the cause and effect of the executions, the methods of executions and the types of trials presented in the play. One has to draw wise conclusions after reading the play and present his opinion about it.

A student who needs to cope with the essay will surely face many problems with writing.

Every inexperienced student will hardly manage to realize the reasons of the problem described in the play and to react adequately to it. So, it is not enough to read the play, but various critics and free sample essays on John Proctor in the Internet will be useful to understand the theme and the purpose of writing of the book. A great number of scholars investigated and analyzed the text in order to understand its meaning to determine its value for the literature.

When one collects data and realizes the problem of the text, it will be time to compose the thoughts in a logical order. Free example essays on John Proctor in the Crucible will be useful for students to see the way of writing of such types of essays, the manner of presentation of data and the way to support your point of view with reliable evidence.

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